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September 6, 2018.  You have probably heard about the NIKE fiasco.  We will go to New Balance for future shoe purchases.



A few days back, we suggested you look at HCXZ.  We expected the price to come down to our BUY LIMIT order.  The price did in fact come down, to three cents above our buy price!!!!.  If we had been sitting in front of the computer, we would have tried to buy at this higher price.  But we were busy doing other things.

So, it looks like we missed the buy on this one but we will keep the order in place just on the chance that our order will be filled.

We have literally dozens of potential positions that we want to buy, but the interest in dividend paying investments is so strong, that we just cannot seem the get the lower prices that we want.  Everything just keeps going up.  We buy stuff when it is on sale.

Don’t get caught up in the euphoria of paying too much for positions.  It will come back to bite you in the ass.


Here is another book that you may be interested in.



With authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, author Bob Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald Trump’s White House and precisely how he makes decisions on major foreign and domestic policies. Woodward draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand sources, meeting notes, personal diaries, files and documents. The focus is on the explosive debates and the decision-making in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, Air Force One and the White House residence.

Fear is the most intimate portrait of a sitting president ever published during the president’s first years in office.

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September 4, 2018.  What a beautiful day, and show, at The Tempel Lipizzans.  (It was not raining for a change.)  If you live in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison area be sure and visit.  http://www.tempelfarms.com


HCXZ, Hercules Capital Exchange Traded Bonds mature in 2025, paying over 5%.  We have owned Hercules in the past and really like this position.  They invest primarily in technology, life sciences and sustainable & renewable technology industries.  

The current price is $24.74.  But we want to wait for a lower price.  SO, we are placing a BUY LIMIT order for $24.64.  If the price does not come down, we MAY go ahead and buy in the range of $24.74. 

QUANTUMONLINE.COM SECURITY DESCRIPTION: Hercules Capital, Inc., 5.25% Notes due 2025, issued in $25 denominations, redeemable at the issuer’s option on or after 4/30/2021 at $25 per note plus accrued and unpaid interest, and maturing 4/30/2025. Interest distributions of 5.25% per annum ($1.3125 per annum or $0.328125 per quarter) will be paid quarterly on 1/30, 4/30, 7/30 & 10/30 to holders of record on the record date that will be 1/15, 4/15, 7/15 & 10/15 respectively


We keep reading that diet sodas cause weight gain.  How can that be.  Linked below is an article which explains what is going on. 

When we ate something sweet, for example, the brain sent signals to our pancreas. Which started producing insulin, that stored the sugar molecules in our cells for energy.

So, when we drink diet soda, the sweetness tricks our body into thinking it’s real sugar. But when those energy-packed calories don’t arrive, the insulin has nothing to store.

Scientists think that repeatedly tricking our body this way could explain why study after study keeps finding the same thing: that drinking diet soda is associated with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a mix of conditions that includes: increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and weight gain. Which can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

In fact, one study found that diet soda drinkers had a higher risk of stroke and dementia than regular soda drinkers. And for another 8-year-long study between 1979-1988, participants who started out at a normal weight and drank an average of 21 diet beverages a week faced DOUBLE the risk of becoming overweight or obese by the end of the study, compared to people who avoided diet beverages completely.



Maybe someday we will get to read Hillary’s emails???!!!! Does China have them??

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were Being Hacked In Real Time By China?
This is a scandal so huge that it could blow all of the other Clinton scandals totally out of the water.
It is being alleged that 18 to 20 CIA sources were either killed or imprisoned in China from 2010 to 2012 because the Chinese were reading all of Hillary Clinton’s emails as soon as they were sent or received. At the time, Clinton was using a private email server in conjunction with her duties as Secretary of State, and even though that was highly illegal Clinton was never charged with anything.


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August 30, 2018.  TCCA a holding in the Core Portfolio has been redeemed:  we had been anticipating this for months.  This was a large position for us, and we will be plowing it back into investments, at least while things are good.  Eventually, we do not know when, this market will stall.  But until then we are positive. 

You can ADD to EHT if you looking to buy.  EHT has been hit hard, but the indicators are turning UP.  Buy this while it is on sale.  The link to our original blog: 



The high level FBI and DOJ corruption is finally starting to get the voter’s attention.  The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarret quickly reached the top of The New York Times best seller list.

We mentioned this book back on July 26  If you watch FOX, Hannity, or read Jarret’s columns, you already know a lot of the stuff in this book.  (Of course none of this is mentioned on CNN or MSNBC.)  They were doing everything they could to cover for Hillary, and get Trump impeached.  What a disgrace….to quote Trump.

The local library said demand was so strong for this book, they had to order more copies.  Go out and get this book.  It will open your eyes to government corruption.


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Attention friends and relatives:  Please stop sending us those GROSS and disgusting pictures of your restaurnat food.  Yes the food in those fancy magazines looks wonderful.  But your iPhone pix are awful.  Unless you are professional photographers, stop sending this crap.,,,,see above.  

We read this morning that the younger people are DROPPING Facebook and other social media outlets.  Thank God.

August 29, 2018
Contact: Tom Buchanan
(703) 683-5004,

New Poll Shows Nearly One-Third of Conservatives Have Left or Considering Leaving Facebook Over Censorship, Bias
RESTON, VA – The Media Research Center (MRC) today released a new poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates gauging self-described conservatives’ attitudes toward Facebook and other social media companies.
According to the poll, one-third (32%) of self-described conservative Facebook users have left or are considering leaving Facebook due to political censorship. Two-thirds (66%) of conservatives agreed they do not trust Facebook to treat its users equally regardless of their political beliefs. Another two-thirds (65%) of self-described conservatives believe social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are purposely censoring conservatives and conservative ideas from their platforms.

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August 27, 2018.  If you are a risk averse, conservative investor who is willing to take a lower dividend rate in return for a much higher quality investment, look at TVC baby bonds from the Tennessee Valley Authority.  (We own individual corporate bonds from TVA.)

TVC pays 3.65% and matures in 2028.  IF you hold to maturity, your effective yield is 4.57%.  Price is $24.45

QUANTUMONLINE.COM SECURITY DESCRIPTION: Tennessee Valley Authority Power Bonds 1998 Series D, 6.75% Putable Automatic Rate Reset Securities (PARRS), due 6/01/2028, issued in $25 denominations, not redeemable prior to maturity, and maturing 6/01/2028. Initial distributions of 6.75% ($1.6875) per annum are paid quarterly on 3/1, 6/1, 9/1 & 12/1 to holders of record on the business day prior to the payment date (NOTE: the ex-dividend date is one business day prior to the record date). The initial Coupon Rate of the Bonds will be 6 3/4%. Beginning 6/01/2003 and on the same date each year thereafter, the Coupon Rate will be reset to a lower rate, if on the Calculation Date the 30 Year Constant Maturity Treasury rate (CMT) plus 0.94% is lower than the Coupon Rate in effect on the Calculation Date.


From Cabot Wealth.com.  We own CTL which is up 20% but it is now too late to buy.  HOLD.

CenturyLink (CTL)
Dividend Yield 9.1%
Legacy landline CenturyLink’s revenues are declining as consumers “cut the cord” and cancel landline and cable subscriptions. But the company is undergoing a transformation, and the stock likely bottomed a few months ago. CenturyLink acquired business internet provider Level 3 Communications last year, and the CEO of Level 3 took over the top job at CenturyLink a few months later. The new CEO has reduced costs and lowered capex to match the pace of revenue declines, allowing management to raise their full-year free cash flow outlook by14% during August’s earnings call, sending the stock surging 30%. Based on the new guidance, CenturyLink’s dividend payout ratio could fall below 100% later this year—for the first time in four years.



We own MIC in the Core Portfolio and have recently recommended you buy.  Here is a positive article from seekingalpha.com

Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (MIC) is a highly diversified company operating in the infrastructure segment. It owns and operates a group of businesses providing services ranging from energy storage terminals, aviation, renewable energy and utilities. The stock is currently seeing strong price momentum.
We wrote about MIC back in August 2017 when the stock saw a huge selloff related to a dividend reduction by 30%. The reason why management reduced the dividend was to increase cash so that they can internally finance new growth projects in such a way that would allow the company to benefit from the recent tax reforms and reduce debt.
Management also took a view that reducing the dividend would allow management to finance new projects without dilution to shareholders through large share issuance. Right after the dividend reduction, the stock overreacted and lost 40% of its value. We saw the opportunity and recommended to buy the stock.
We are happy that we made this call. Despite the fact that MIC shares returned 28.5% since, there are many reasons why we are still bullish on this stock, which offers a tremendous upside potential.





Infographic: How Often Do Smartphones "Phone Home"? | Statista

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August 23, 2018.  The bike is in the shop for repairs (:  It is an absolutely beautiful day in Chicago and we try not to miss any opportunity to get outside.  But when you don’t have any brakes, there is not much you can do!!  Fall is definitely in the air.


We have some real winners in the Core Portfolio.

CTL has been spiking up recently due to good earnings and we have a huge 20% gain.  In addition to price gains, we are receiving dividends..  Pays 9.6%.  HOLD:  too late to buy.

LADR is up a big 21% and we also have received five dividend payments.  Financial advisors keep recommending this, but in our opinion it is too late to buy.  HOLD.  (The TOTAL RETURN IS 31%)

PCI is up 21% and in addition we have 21 dividend payments.  HOLD.  (The TOTAL return is 41%.  We purchased in very late 2016)

CLDT is up 10% and BXMT is up 9%.

When you have significant gains, there is the potential for sellers to come in, like ourselves, and lock in the profits.  BUT the indicators tell us to hold for now.  Generally the entire portfolio has been gaining nicely, but with all the political news, we are watching very, very closely.  We lost big time in the 2008-09 crash, and we will NOT let that happen again.

We are NOT selling anything right now. 

NOTE:  We are watching FRA for a potential buy-there is a description below.


This article linked below is so funny.

If Trump shot Michael Cohen in broad daylight, here’s what Republicans would say



FUND DESCRIPTION: BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund, Inc., formerly Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund, Inc., is an exchange-traded closed-end fund (CEF) or a closed-end ETF that is officially described as a diversified, closed-end management investment company. INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund seeks to provide shareholders with high current income and such preservation of capital as is consistent with investment in a diversified, leveraged portfolio consisting primarily of floating rate debt securities and instruments. FUND STRATEGY: Under normal market conditions, at least 80% of an aggregate of the Fund’s net assets will be invested in floating rate debt securities and instruments. The Fund anticipates that a substantial portion of such investments generally will consist of senior floating rate loans. The Fund may invest without limit and generally intends to invest a substantial portion of its assets in senior floating rate loans and other floating or fixed rate debt securities and instruments that are rated below investment grade.


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August 20, 2018

NOTE:  Atlas is owned by Targa.

We are buying a Corporate Bond from Atlas Pipeline, owned by Targa.  

CUSIP:  04939MAL3

The bond is ‘on sale’ and pays 5.3% if held to maturity in November 2021.  Go to the link below for the full article.

Targa Resources (TRGP) reported its second-quarter earnings on August 9. The company’s adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was $326 million—26% higher than the second quarter of 2017. Targa Resources’ distributable cash flow rose to $225.1 million from $196 million in the second quarter of 2017.

Targa Resources’ Gathering and Processing segment’s operating income rose 40% YoY (year-over-year). The growth was driven by higher Permian Basin, Central, and Badlands volumes. The above graph shows the growth in field gathering and processing gas inlet volumes and NGL (natural gas liquids) production. The graph also shows the growth in crude oil gathering volumes.

The Logistics and Marketing segment’s operating income grew 16% YoY. The higher fractionation margin and higher LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) export margin contributed to the earnings growth.
“With continued strong business fundamentals and clear visibility to new project contributions, our Gathering and Processing and Downstream businesses are expected to continue to perform well,” said Joe Bob Perkins, Targa Resources’ CEO.



The fake news is really, really trying to convince American voters that the liberals will take over in the November election.  Don’t believe it. (Yes there were polls that predicted Trump winning, but you never heard about them……we did follow the LA Times Poll which is mentioned below.) 

CBS Pollster Doesn’t See A Blue Wave

The head pollster for CBS News, Anthony Salvanto, doesn’t think we’ll see a Blue Wave this November — and certainly not one close to the Red Wave of 2010.

Salvanto learned from the failure of polls to predict the 2016 election. He saw that the two polls that ended up being right — the LA Times/USC and IBD/TIPP — were tracking polls, so he designed one himself to use in 2018. Tracking polls differ from regular “horse race” polls in that they poll the same sample of people over and over to see if and how their views have changed over the campaign.

Salvano’s team is polling 5,700 voters in the 50 or 60 districts that could flip the House of Representatives and Senate into Democrat hands. So far, he doesn’t see much flipping.
“Salvanto’s polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November — and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House,” the New York Post said in an article interviewing Salvanto.


Link to another article on FBI and DOJ corruption.



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August 16, 2018

On August 10, we suggested you look at AWF.  Today we saw a positive article and have provided a link below to the full article.  BUY.

AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund (NYSE:AWF)
AWF seeks “a high level of current income, with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. The fund will invest globally in all fixed-income sectors where they see opportunity.” AWF states they will “under normal market conditions, invest substantially all of the Fund’s net assets in lower-rated bonds.”
The fund has total managed assets of $1.206 billion, its size provides sufficient liquidity in the event of wanted to sell-out of the fund. The fund does utilize no bank borrowings at the moment for leverage. However, one will notice that the fund carries leverage from “investment operations” of around 37.23%. This investment operations leverage would be due to some of the underlying holdings. The best way to explain this is the fact the fund holds Credit Default Swaps and Interest Rate Swaps, these underlying holdings are of notional value only, meaning that this is only its spot price. Basically, the money is not really there but the fund will have to come up with the money if a default event occurs.
AWF offers investors a distribution yield of 7.29%, the fund has been maintaining the per share amount of $0.0699 since January 2017.
The fund currently trades at $11.50 per share, with a NAV of $13.30 per share. This equals out to a 13.53% discount at the moment. Further tempting the attractiveness of this fund is that the one-year z-score sits at -1.50. Even on a 5-year basis the average discount sits at 8.50%, this presents a relatively attractive time to be investing in AWF; at least based on its past performance. Of this list, I personally hold AWF and have written on the fund in the past.



We see a nice positive article on CLDT Chatham, a holding in the Core Portfolio.  We are up ten percent, in addition to the dividends, but the momentum is now heading down.  We would HOLD.  It is not time to buy right now.

Chatham Lodging Trust is a premier U.S. lodging REIT with a high-quality real estate portfolio and relationships with top hotel brands. The company rakes in the highest EBITDA-margin in its industry and the highest RevPAR in its immediate peer group. The company covers its dividend with adjusted funds from operations, but has a volatile earnings profile and AFFO-payout ratio. Shares are not too expensive yet, and throw off a decent 6.3 percent dividend that is paid on a monthly distribution schedule. Despite the risks, Chatham Lodging Trust is still a ‘Buy’ at today’s valuation point, in my opinion. Buy for income and capital appreciation.



The collusion of the DOJ and FBI with the Russians has now come to light…..but you will never hear about it on CNN and ABC.  FOX and Hannity have been all over this story.  This is an article (Investors Business Daily) that you really need to read.  Go to link below to read more.

Congress, using the documents it pried out of the Justice Department after repeated requests, is busy getting at what might turn out to be the scandal of the century. And Congress is now doing the work the Justice Department and FBI won’t.

Russian Collusion: It Was Hillary Clinton All Along
Russia Investigation: It’s beginning to look as if claims of monstrous collusion between Russian officials and U.S. political operatives were true. But it wasn’t Donald Trump who was guilty of Russian collusion. It was Hillary Clinton and U.S. intelligence officials who worked with Russians and others to entrap Trump.

That’s the stunning conclusion of a RealClear Investigations report by Lee Smith, who looked in-depth at the controversial June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between officials of then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign staff and a Russian lawyer known to have ties with high-level officials in Vladimir Putin’s government

The media have spun a tale of Trump selling his soul to the Russians for campaign dirt to use against Hillary, beginning with the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting.
But “a growing body of evidence … indicates that the meeting may have been a setup — part of a broad effort to tarnish the Trump campaign involving Hillary Clinton operatives employed by Kremlin-linked figures and Department of Justice officials,” wrote Smith.
Smith painstakingly weaves together the evidence that’s already out there but has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, which have become so seized with Trump-hatred that their reporting even on routine matters can no longer be trusted.
But he adds in more evidence that the Justice Department only recently handed over to Congress. And It’s damning.

Memos, emails and texts now in Congress’ possession show that the Justice Department and the FBI worked together both before and after the election with Fusion GPS and their main link to the scandal, former British spy and longtime FBI informant Chris Steele.
As a former British spook in Moscow, Steele had extensive ties to Russia. That’s why he was picked as the primary researcher to compile the “unverified and salacious” Trump dossier, as former FBI Director James Comey once described it.
Steele’s dossier, for which Fusion reportedly received $1 million, was largely based on interviews with Russian officials. And who paid that $1 million? As we and others have reported, it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, then under Hillary’s control.
The media knew all this, of course, but largely ignored it.
The great irony here is that, after more than two years of investigating, the only real evidence of collusion with Russians at all points to Hillary Clinton. It was she who hired Steele to dig up dirt on Trump using Russian sources.
But now, it turns out, it goes even deeper than that.


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