Core Portfolio

July 2020. Buying bond funds and holding all individual corporate bonds listed below. We are maintaining high cash levels.

JHB (4.1%) Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund (July 2020)

Owl Rock Capital Corporation ORCC (3.8%) Corporate Bonds: CUSIP 69121KAC8 (July 2020)

———-(SOLD) XLF AND SLB (TRADES) Starter ten shares. (July 2020)

HTD (8%) John Hancock Tax Advantaged (July 2020)

VTA (9%) Bank loans. (July 2020)

AGNCP (7.4%) Preferred (July 2020)

GBAB (6.47%) (June 2020)

MBB (June 2020)

HTFA (6,3%) Horizon Tech. Preferred (June 2020)

BOND (3.2%) PIMCO etf low risk bonds (May 2020)

BHK (5.2%) Blackrock Core Bond (May 2020)

———-(SOLD at loss) NUGT ‘Double’ Gold (May 2020)

———-(SOLD 6.5% gain) GDX Gold Miners (May 2020)

BTZ (7.35%) BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust (May 2020).

IEF 7-10 year IShare Treasury bond etf (May 2020)

JFR (9.54%) Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund Closed End Fund (May 2020)

SHY (1.85%) iShares 1-3 Treasury Bond ETF (May 2020)

MINT (2.4%) PIMCO Short Maturity (May 2020)

GSY (2.5%) INVESCO Ultra Short Duration ETF (May 2020)

BIT (11%) Multi-Sector Income Trust (May 2020)

———-(SOLD 4.6% GAIN) MPW (6%) Medical Properties Trust (May 2020)

AGNCM (8%) Preferreds (May 2020)

EAD (10%) Income Opportunities Bonds (April 2020)

———-(SOLD) SMALL PROFIT GDX Gold (April 2020)

———-(SOLD) SMALL PROFIT NUGT Gold (April 2020)

———-(SOLD) GDX Gold Miners (April 2020)

MAIN (7.3%) Indiv. Corporate Bond CUSIP: 56035LAD6 (April 2020)

DLRPRL (5.2%) Digital Realty Trust, Inc. 5.20% Series L Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock (October 2019)

(Do not buy, holding for dividends) AMLP (8.5%) Alerian MLP ETF (October 2016)

(Do not buy holding for dividends.) PAA (5.0%) Plains All American.  Pipelines Natural Gas.  Toll taker.  (February 2015.)  

GGN (13%) Gold and oil/gas Closed end Fund.  Covered call buy write.  96 positions. 

BSJL (4.67%) Guggenheim Bond Target Maturity Corporate Bond 2021

BSJM (4.78%) Guggenheim Bond Target Maturity Corporate Bond  2022

(Do not buy-holding for dividends) CLNY  (7.1%) Colony NorthStar stock and preferreds.  (June 2017)

COMPRESSCO (7.2%) Indiv. Corp Bond. CUSIP: 20467BAB5 (Mature August 2022

DELEK (6.75%) Pipelines. CUSIP: 24665FAB8 Indiv. Corp Bond. Mature 2025. (March 2019)

ATLAS (4.75%) Indiv Corp Bond CUSIP 04939MAL3 (August 2018)

UNIT (6%) Corporate Bond. Energy. CUSIP: 909218AB5 Mature May 2021. (June 2018)

———-(CALLED SOLD) IRON MOUNTAIN (5.7%) Indiv. Corp. Bond.  CUSIP:  46284PAP9  Mature August 2024.  (June 2018)

SUMMIT MIDSTREAM (6%) Individual Corporate Bond. Gathers and processes natural gas. CUSIP: 86614WAC0 Mature August 2022 (April 2018)

SOUTHERN POWER (3.89%) Investment grade Individual Corporate Bond. Mature December 2025.  CUSIP 843646AM2.  (February 2016)

OPPENHEIMER (6.75%) Corporate Bond Mature 2022. CUSIP: 683797AD6 (October 2017)

ASSURANT (3.26%) Indiv. Corporate Bond. CUSIP 04621XAF5 (May 2017)

BROOKFIELD (3.66%) Individual Corporate Bond. CUSIP 112585AH7 Yield 3.66 Matures January 2025 (May 2017)

ATT  Individual Corporate Bond.  CUSIP 00206RCT7   Matures 2-17-2026.  (May 2017)

———-(CALLED-SOLD) IRON MN (5.167%)  Individual Corporate Bond Mature August 2023 BUT is callable at $103.00 in August 2018.  CUSIP 46284PAQ7

DUKE REALTY (3.2%) Individual Corporate Bond CUSIP 26441yax5.  Mature April 2023 (April 2016)

OMEGA HEALTHCARE (4.95% Coupon)  Investment grade Corporate Bond Mature April 2024 CUSIP 681936BB5  (August 2016)  We also own this Omega Bond:  CUSIP:  681936BD1

ENBRIDGE (4%)  Oil Individual Corporate Bond Mature 2023 CUSIP 29250NAF2  (June 2016)

WP CAREY (4.5%) Real Estate Individual Corporate Bond (May 2016)

SENIOR HOUSING TRUST (5%)  Investment grade Individual Corporate Bond Mature 2024  (May 2016)

TIME WARNER CABLE (3.5%) Individual Corporate Bond CUSIP 88732JBA5 Mature September 2021  (February 2016)

AMERICAN TOWER (3.9%) Individual Corporate Bond. April 2015

WILLIAMS (4.7%)  Individual Corporate Bond 2024.  April 2015

———-(CALLED SOLD) DIGITAL REALTY TRUST (3.8%) Individual Corporate Bond  CUSIP 25389JAK2 Mature October 2022

QVC (4.99%)  Individual Corporate Bond 2024 July 2015

HCA (4.4%) Individual Corporate Bond  2023 Cusip 404121AF2  June 2015

TVA (4%) Individual Corporate Bonds 2035.

CONSTELLATION BRANDS (4%) Individual Corporate Bond 2023

END OF CURRENT PORTFOLIO__________________________________________________________________


———-(SOLD) SH Short SPY (April 2020)

———-(SOLD) CAG (3%) TRADE ConAgra (March 2020)

———–(SOLD) IAU TRADE iShares Gold Trust (March, 2020)  

———-(SOLD) AGNCP (6%) AGNC Investment Corp. 6.125% Dep Shares Ser F Fix/Float Cumul Red Preferred Stk (Redeemable 2025) (February 2020)

———-(SOLD) SOJD (4.95%) Southern Company Bond (January 2020)

———-(SOLD) HPI (7.8%) John Hancock Preferred Income Fund (HPI). (December 2019)

———-(SOLD) TCRZ. (6.75%) THL Credit, Inc. Mature 12/30/2022 (December 2019)

———-(SOLD) CODI-C (CODIPRC at Fidelity) (7.87%) Fixed rate preferred. (December 2019)

———-(SOLD) MNR-C MNRPRC (6%) Monmouth warehouses preferred. (November 2019)

———-(SOLD) HT-D Hersha Hospitality Trust (6.50%) Series D Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares (November 2019)   

———(SOLD) ETPPRD (ETP-D) (7.6%) Energy Transfer Operating LP Preferred (November 2019)

———-SOLD GBDC (7%) Golub BDC (October 2019)

———-(SOLD) GLADL (5.375%) Baby Bond Gladstone TERM Mature 2024. (October 2019)

———-(SOLD CPTAL (6%) TERM ‘baby bond’ matures in May 2022. (September 2019)

———-(SOLD) AFINP (7.7%) Amer Finance Co Preferred (September 2019)

———-SOLD  BPYPO (6.3%) Brookfield Property Partners L.P. 6.375% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Callable 9-24) August 2019)

———-SOLD CIM (10%) Mortgages (August 2019)

———-(SOLD) PTY (8.8%) PIMCO bonds and income CEF (August 2019)

———-(SOLD) NEWTL (5.75%) NEWTL Baby Bond Mature 2024. (July 2019)

———-(SOLD) LTSL (6.66%) Ladenburg bonds (July 2019)

———-(SOLD) ECC (13%) (HIGH RISK) Eagle Point (July 2019)

———-(SOLD) THQ (7.66%) Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund CEF (July 2019)

———-(SOLD) NLYPRI (6.75%) Annally Capital Baby Bond Goes to Floating Rate 2024 (June 2019)

———-(SOLD) NYMTO (7.9%) Preferred (June 2019)

———-(SOLD) GDVVP GDV-H (5.3%) Gabelli Preferred. (June 2019)

———-(SOLD) TANNL (7.8%) Baby Bond Travel Centers (May 2019)

———-SOLD  IRM (7%) Document Storage (April 2019)

———-(SOLD) TRGP (8.7%) Natural Gas (April 2019)

———-(SOLD) LMRKO (8%) Landmark Preferred. (April 2019)

———-(SOLD) BPYPP (6.5%) Brookfield Preferred (April 2019)

———–SOLD PBY (6.2%) Prospect Capital Corporation Baby Bonds. Mature June 2028. (March 2019)

———-(SOLD-BIG GAIN) LMRK (10%) Landmark Stock (March 2019)

———-(SOLD) FDUSZ (6%) FIDUS Baby Bonds (February 2019)

———-(SOLD) SMHB (17%) (“Headin to Vegas Pick HIGH RISK) Leveraged Small Cap (February 2019)

———-(SOLD) MRCCL (6%) Business Develop Company (January 2019)

———–(SOLD) JPS (8%) CEF Preferred Stocks (January 2019)

———-(SOLD) SCA (5%) Debt, Business Develop Co.  (December 2018)

———-SOLD DLNG-B Preferred-Shipper (December 2018

———-(SOLD) WHFBZ (December 2018)

———-(SOLD at tiny gain) HYHG (6%)  Leveraged Bonds (November 2018)

———-(SOLD AT TINY LOSS) NRZ (12%) REIT Resid. Real Estate (November 2018)

———-(SOLD) IRM (8%)  Stocks.  Iron Mountain (October 2018)

———-(SOLD AT SMALL LOSS)  HAL TRADE (October 2018)

———-(SOLD) (NSS (7.6%) NuStar Logistics Fixed to Floating Rate Mature 2043 (October 2018)

———-(SOLD) HCXZ (5%) Baby Bond (September 2018)

———-SOLD  AWF (7%) CEF Bonds (August 2018)

———-(SOLD) GSBD (8.5%) Business Development (July 2018)

———-(SOLD) BSL (6.6%) CEF for Income Term Floating Rate (June 2018)

———-(SOLD AT LOSS)  CTL CenturyLink (11%) Telecommunications (April 2018)

———-SOLD MAIN (6%) Business Development Company. (April 2018)

———-(SOLD) BDCS (9.3%) Business Development Companies (April 2018)

———-(SOLD) (GECCL (6.5%) Business Development Company (March 2018))

———-(SOLD)  WPC (6.5%) REIT (March 2018)

———-(SOLD) BLOK (No Dividend) Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (January 2018)

———-(SOLD) FIV (5.4%) First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Term Fund (January 2018)

———-(SOLD) IHIT (6.8%) Invesco High Income Target Term Fund (December 2017) 

———-(SOLD) ISD (7.5%) Prudential Short-Duration High Yield Fund (December 2017)

———-(SOLD-CALLED) (6.7%) NEWTL Business Development Co (December 2017)

———-(SOLD) GBAB (6.7%) Taxable Municipal For IRA (Nov 2017)



———-(SOLD AT TINY GAIN) RA (10%) Brookfield Real Assets (August 2017)

———-(SOLD) NLY-F (7%) Annaly preferred mREIT. (August 2017)

———-SOLD BXMT (8%) Blackstone Mortgage Trust (July 2017)

———-SOLD CGBD (8%) Business development company (June 2017)

———-SOLD  NGLPRB (9%) Fixed to floating rate preferred. Maturity 2022. (June 2017)

———-SOLD  OXLCM (6.75%) Oxford Lane Capital TERM preferred. (May 2017)

———-(SOLD) FAX (8.4%) Aberdeen Asia Pacific Income Fund which owns bonds from Australia, India and Indonesia. (May 2017)

———-(SOLD) PONDX  (3.5%)  Short term bond fund.  (May 2015) 

———-(SOLD) GLOPP (8.6%) Preferred shipper fixed to floating rate (May 2017)

———-(SOLD for huge 46% GAIN) MPW (7%) Medical Properties Trust REIT  (April 2017)

———-(SOLD 29% profit) LADR (8.5%) Ladder Capital Corporation (REIT) (March 2017)

———-(SOLD) CUBI-F (CUBIPRF at Fidelity) (6%) Preferred Customers Bancorp. Mature December 2021 shifts to LIBOR+4.76%. (February 2017)

———-(SOLD but did buy again later) GBAB (7%) Guggenheim TAXABLE Municipal Managed Duration Trust (February 2017)

———-(SOLD) GAINM  (6.25%) Gladstone Term Preferred (October 2016)

———-(SOLD) GLADN (6%) Gladstone Capital a business development company TERM preferred. (September 2017)

———-(SOLD) DSL (10%) CEF DoubleLine Income Solutions (December 2016)

———-(SOLD) UTF (12%) Closed End Fund Infrastructure (January 2017)

———-(SOLD) MIC (6%) Macquaire Infrastructure Stock  (December 2016)

———-(SOLD) APOLLO (6.3%) Individual Corporate Bond BDC. CUSIP: 03761UAG1. (May 2018)


———-(SOLD) (HIGH RISK) REVLON (15%) Individual Corporate Bond Feb 2021 CUSIP 761519BD8 (February 2018)

———-(SOLD)  PIXIUS (ALLIANCE ONE) (13%) Individual Corp. Bond.  CUSIP:  018772AS2.  Maturity July 2021.  (July 2017)

————(SOLD) CENTURY LINK (4.78%) Indiv. Corporate Bond. CUSIP:  156700AS5.  Mature March 2022.  (May 2017)

———-(SOLD) FERRELLGAS (7.1%) Indiv. Corporate Bond Gas Mature May 2021 (May 2017)

———-(SOLD) COMPANY IN BANKRUPTCY) EV ENERGY PARTNERS HIGH RISK Individual Corporate Bonds CUSIP 26926XAB9.  Mature April 2019.  (April 2017)

———-(SOLD) HOLD DO NOT BUY AMERIGAS (5.5%) Indiv. Corporate Bond  Mature May 2024 Bond CUSIP 030981AH7   (March 2017)

———-(SOLD) SPRINT (9.67%) Below investment grade Corporate Bond.  CUSIP 85207UAF2 Maturity September 2023  (July 2016)

———-(SOLD) EQUINIX (5.37%) Data Center Individual Corporate Bond Mature January 2022. (June 2016)

———-(SOLD)  SUNOCO (4.3%) Investment Grade Corporate Bond. CUSIP 86765BAL3 Mature January 2023. (May 2016)

———-(SOLD) MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS. (4.75%) Effective Yield) Investment Grade Individual Corporate Bond. CUSIP 620076BB4 Mature May 2022.

———-(SOLD) WELLTOWER (3.76%) Individual Corporate Bond CUSIP 42217KBA Mature 2023

———-(SOLD) WALGREENS (3.5%)  Corporate Bond 2021  (January 2016)

———-(CALLED-SOLD) AMERICAN AXLE Individual Corporate Bond CUSIP 024068AN0 (January 2016)

———–(SOLD-CALLED) DUN&BRADSTREET (3.7%) Individual Corporate Bond 2020 (November 2015)

———-(SOLD) AGILENT (3.7%)  Individual Corporate Bonds 2023 (November 2015)

———-(SOLD) ABBVIE (3.1%)  Drugs Individual Corporate Bond (October 2015)

———-(SOLD) PHILLIP MORRIS (2.9%) Individual Corporate Bond  Mature 2021 (Sept 2015)

———-(SOLD) VENTAS (3.7%)  Individual Corporate Bond Mature 2022 September 2015

———-(SOLD) BERKSHIRE (2.9%)  Individual Corporate Bonds 2023 Sept 2015

———-(SOLD) WELLS FARGO (3.5%)  Individual Corporate Bonds 2023 August 2015

———-(SOLD) CELGENE (3.5%)  Individual Corporate Bonds 2022 August 2015

———-(SOLD) AFLAC  (3.4%)  Individual Corporate Bonds 2023 August 2015

———-(SOLD) HCP (4.27%) Individual Corporate Bond 2025 Cusip 40414LAM1  June 2015

———-(SOLD) ENERGY TRANSFER (4.77%)  Individual Corporate Bond 2025 Energy  June 2015

———-(CALLED-SOLD) DUPONT FABROS (5.7%)  Individual Corporate Bond 2023.

———-(CALLED-SOLD) ICAHN ENTERPRISES (6%) Corporate Bonds August 1, 2020 CUSIP: 451102AX5 (Sept 2014

———-(SOLD)  SAFEWAY (7%) Individual Corporate Bonds.  CUSIP 786514AS8  September 2014

———-(SOLD) RR DONNELLY  Individual Corporate Bond 2024 CUSIP 257867BB6  October 2014

———-(SOLD)(HOLD DO NOT BUY) CITI (10%) Floating Rate Corporate Bonds CUSIP 1730T0G78. April 2014.

———(SOLD) OFSSL (6.3%) Baby bonds. Business Development Company. (April 2018)

———-(SOLD.  CALLED) TCCA (6%) Triangle Capital Baby Bond

———-(SOLD) KCAPL (6.1%) BDC Baby bond.  Mature September 30, 2022  (August 2017) 

———-(CALLED SOLD) ABRN (7.3%) Baby Bond. Mature 2021 (August 2017)

———-(SOLD) ECCY (6.75%) Eagle Point Credit Company baby bond. (August 2017)

———-(SOLD) EHT Eaton Vance Limited Duration Corporate Bonds.  Liquidates 2021 (June 2017)

———-(SOLD) RILYZ (7.5%) Riley Financial Baby Bond Mature 2027 (May 2017) 

———-(SOLD) OXSQL (6.5%)  TICC Capital shorter duration baby bond issue.  (April 2017) with a coupon of 6.50%.

———-(CALLED) TPVZ (6.75%) BDC Baby Bond (January 2017)

———-(SOLD) MDLQ (7%) Medley Baby Bond (January 2017)

———-(SOLD) SAB (6.75%) Saratoga Investment Corp Baby Bonds Mature 2023 (December 2016)

———-(REDEEMED) WHFBL (6%) Whitehorse Finance (December 2016)

———-(SOLD) CLDT (6.7%) Chatham Lodging Trust Hotels (December 2016)

———-SOLD HOLD DO NOT BUY PCI (10%) PIMCO Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income CEF (November 2016)

———-(SOLD) MDLX (6.87%) Bonds.  Mature 2026.  August 2016

———-(SOLD-CALLED) HTF (7%) Horizon Technology Finance Corp.  Senior Notes matures March 2019 June 2016.

———-(MATURED) BSJJ (4.5%) Guggenheim Bond Target Maturity Corporate Bond 2019.

———-SOLD  YYY (8.8%) Exchange Traded Fund that holds 30 Closed End Funds, NON leveraged.  ADD August 2014.

———-(SOLD) CVY (6.1%) Multi Asset ETF with 150 holdings.  HOLD.  Other choices include GYLD, IYLD and MDIV.  HOLD.  Common stocks and also:  Master Limited Partnerships 11.0%  Closed End Funds 9.5%  Preferred Stocks 5.0%  Investments of Collateral for Securities Loaned 4.4%  Convertible Preferred Stocks 0.6%


SOLD FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS (7%) Individual Corporate Bond 2021 June 2015

(CALLED) VGR (5.5%) Individual Corporate Bond CUSIP 92240MBB3 Mature 2021

(SOLD) KEMIT CORP.  (14%)  Individual Corporate Bond.  Mature 2018 (November 2015)

CALLED HTGZ (7%) Hercules Capital Exchange Traded Debt (July 201d)

(SOLD) SBLKL (8%) HOLD DO NOT BUY Exchange Traded Debt  “Baby Bonds” Shippers  Nov 2014

(CALLED) WYNN RESORTS (4.7%) Individual Corporate Bond. CUSIP  983130AT2.  Mature March 2022.  (March 2016)

(SOLD)  JEPRA (8%) Preferred.  Callable March 2022.  (February 2017)

(SOLD) UNG “Trade” March 2017

(SOLD) GSBD (8%) Goldman Sachs BDC (November 2016)

(SOLD) BDCS (8%) UBS Wells Fargo ETN Business Development Companies (November 2016)

(SOLD) BGT (5.5%) BlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust (October 2016)

(CALLED) CYRUSONE (6.37%) Data Center Individual Corporate Bond. CUSIP 23283PAB0 Mature November 2022. (June 2016)

(SOLD)  INTELSAT (40%) RISKY Individual Corporate Bond.  Mature June 2012 #458204AP9 (February 2017)

(CALLED)  ACCURIDE Risky Corporate Bond  Cusip 00439TAE7 (August 2016)

(SOLD) DLTNX  (4.0%) DoubleLineIntermediate term bond fund.

SOLD VZA (5.9%) Exchange Traded Debt “Baby Bonds”

SOLD TOTL (3.1%)  LOW RISK NO STOCK MARKET EXPOSURE.  FIXED INCOME.  DoubleLine Multi Sector fixed income etf.  Investment grade corporate and mortgage.



SOLD PRH Prudential Financial 5.7% Junior Subordinated Notes (Feb 2016)

SOLD  SOUTHERN COPPER INDIV. CORPORATE BONDS (5.43%)  CUSIP 84265VAH8  Mature April 2025.  (February 2016)

SOLD AT A LOSS  GWPH “Headin to Vegas” Risky Stock Position Medical Marijuana.( August 2016)

SOLD LMRKO (7.9%) MLP Preferreds Landmark Infrastructure Partners (August 2016)

SOLD PSAPRB (5%) Preferred Stock (January 2016)

SOLD PSAPRD (5%) Preferred Stock (July 2016)


SOLD GSY (1%+) Guggenheim Enhanced Short Duration Sept 2015 For Parking Cash Short Term

SOLD VNR (10%) Individual Corporate Bond 2020  February 2015

SOLD at huge loss. CLMT Calumet Specialty Products REFINER

SOLD AT A TOTAL LOSS LNCO  (9.8%) Master Limited Partnership. May 2014. IRA. 

SOLD HDLV (8%) ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US High Dividend Low Volatility ETN November 2014

SOLD  VRP (5%) Floating rate preferreds.  April 2015.

SOLD CHSCL (7.5%) CHS Coop High Quality Perpetual Preferred.  January 2015

SOLD TGARP (9%)  Floating rate issue.  October 2015

SOLD  NTI (15%)  Refiner.  Oct 2015

SOLD **JMPC (7%) Exchange Traded Debt.  “Baby Bonds”

SOLD **PRH (6%) ADD UNDER $25 Exchange Traded Debt Prudential Insurance “Baby Bonds” July 2014.

SOLD COWNL **COWNL (8.0%) Exchange Traded Debt “Baby Bonds” Nov 2014

SOLD  **GFNSL (7.6%) Senior Note “Baby Bonds”  June 2014

SOLD SGZA Selective Insurance Baby Bonds

SOLD TANO (8%) TravelCenters of America Baby Bonds December 2014

SOLD TDA (6.5%) Telephone and Data Systems Baby Bond December 2014

SOLD TCRX (6%) Baby Bonds for a Business Development Company November 2014

SOLD CEFL (15.6%) ETN holding 30 Closed End Funds LEVERAGED.  HOLD.  Go to link for analysis:


SOLD PHD  (5.9%) Floating Rate Loans.  HOLD Another option is FFRHX Fidelity Floating Rate Bond Fund

SOLD BKLN (4.1%) Floating Rate Loans.  ADD. March 2015.

SOLD PFLT (7.7%) Business Development Company.  Floating Rate Loans.  ADD.

SOLD PG (3.3%) Consumer Goods.  June 2015

SOLD MEMP (10%) Master Limited Partnership

HOLD Sept 2014SOLD DSL  (8.75%) Closed End Fund.  Multi sector emerging market fixed income (90% Corporate Bonds) and residential mortgage securities.  HOLD.  May 2014.

SOLD EXG (9.79%) Covered Calls Closed End Fund. (options) with 136 holdings.  ADD.  April 2014.


SOLD SDIV  (6.1%) Exchange Traded Fund.  Dividend Paying Stocks with 100 holdings-lot of emerging markets.  HOLD.  DIV is also good choice, domestic holdings only.

SOLD NTG (6%) TORTOISE MLP FUND INC Closed End Fund IRA Account December 2014.

SOLD HRZN (9.6%) Business Development Company May 2015

SOLD FMO (6.8%)  Closed End Fund Pipelines and Infrastructure.  IRA.  March 2015

SOLD OKE (5.2%) Oneok Inc General Partners Pipelines Natural Gas.  IRA. February 2015

(SOLD)  WMB (4.7%) General Partner.  Pipelines Natural Gas.  IRA.  March 2015  Below from http://www.charlessizemore.com

If you are a long-term investor looking for growth and income, the GPs will generally be the way to go.  Their faster dividend growth rates make them more attractive as growth investments.  Also, unlike MLPs, GPs that are organized as corporations (such as WMB, KMI and OKE) can be safely held in an IRA or Roth IRA account without generating unrelated business taxable income.

(SOLD AT A TINY PROFIT) AMYGF  Amaya Gaming.  Online gambling.

SELL APRIL 2015.  GOV Real Estate Investment Trust.  HOLD.  August 2014 BUY at $23.50.  6.8%.


(Sold)  GBAB Build America Bonds.  January 2015 7.4%

(Sold)  AFB AllianceBernstein National Municipal Income Fund 6.4% December 2014

(Sold)  MYI Municipal Bonds Closed End Fund 7-8% December 2014

VNR  Master Limited Partnership.  8.3%  SOLD at $29.22 September 2014

GEK SOLD JUNE 2014  General Electric Preferreds (Exchange Traded Debt Security Also known as senior unsecured debt or “baby bonds)

KYE (SOLD JULY 2014) MLP Closed End Fund Large number of diversified holdings.  For IRA.  6.6%

(SELL Trend is DOWN GET OUT)  PSEC  Business Development Company.   HOLD.  13%

(SOLD October 2014.  Looks weak.)  BDCL  ETN representing approximately 25 Business Development Companies. HOLD  Purchased June 2014.  15%

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