January 17, 2020. The markets continue higher and are extremely over-valued. We remain diligent still expecting some sort of pullback within the next month. There was one purchase this week in the Core Portfolio. We placed some buy orders for BIZD and GSBD with the hopes that we could buy at lower prices. Obviously that […]


January 14, 2020. SOJD is finally trading today. BUY SOJD at $25.32 or less…… This is an “investment grade” bond from a high quality Company. But note that it only pays a “low” 4.95% but we are ok with that due to the quality of Southern Co. Yes this position could pull back if we […]


January 13, 2020. Sell high. Buy Low. How many times over the years have we suggested you buy stuff when it is ON SALE. We are expecting a minor pullback. but we are NOT expecting a recession….at least not in the near future. So some big gainers have been sold with the expectation that we […]


January 10, 2020. We bought THQ Tekla Healthcare in July of last year. We already have a 22% profit in that short period of time. We are SELLING and locking in the gains. __________ Here is a new book coming out in the next few weeks. Schweizer’s books are always interesting: the last book talked […]


January 9, 2020. We have seen this before. The markets are now severely over bought BUT seemingly want to continue higher. We may see a pull back. We continue to suggest that you exercise caution in buying new stock or bond positions. Having lived thru several large market declines, we can confirm that the pain […]


January 8, 2020. The cash allocation in the Core Portfolio is now up to 12% with our anticipation that a small ‘temporary’ pullback is coming in the financial markets. There are still two open buy orders for GSBD and BIZD but it appears we will NOT immediately see the lower prices that we want: altho […]


January 6, 2020. UPDATE: Sell right now at market price. We are placing a SELL LIMIT GTC order on TCRZ, a position in the Core Portfolio. This issue may be called at $25, and we want to sell it before the call. The price right now is $25.39 and the sell limit order is at […]