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July 10, 2020. The SPY 50 dma is moving above the 200 dma, a technical indicator that tells us markets are going higher. Stocks are grossly over priced and we think a correction is coming in August.

We expected GDX (gold) to hit $40 before a pullback. It has been weak the last two days, never hitting $40, and we are getting out with a 6% gain. SELL GDX. We will be buying gold again at the lows, assuming it drops. Longterm gold is a winner.

Folks, we’re witnessing the greatest market cap expansion in human history making the year 2000 look like child’s play. The combination of insane liquidity thrown at markets, the mechanics of automatic ETF allocations, retail and FOMO thirsty funds chasing these few stocks all look to contribute to the greatest market cap bubble in history.

Our URL http://www.luvthosedividends.com will be discontinued. This URL will be used: http://www.luvthosedividends.wordpress.com

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