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PARTY ON!!!!!!

As the DOL reported today, there were 19.29 million workers receiving unemployment insurance. And yet, somehow, at the same time, the BLS also represented that the total number of unemployed workers is, drumroll, 17.75 million.

If you said this makes no sense, and pointed out that the unemployment insurance number has to be smaller than the total unemployed number, you are right. And indeed, for 50 years of data, that was precisely the case.” (bad data from our government lol: realinvestmentadvice.com


Excellent video from Harry Dent, a well respected financial guru. Be sure and view the end.


July 6, 2020. One of our best Corporate Bonds has been called: Digital Realty. We had a very large position and today we are buying to replace this bond.

SPY and the general stock markets have held up better than we expected…..with futures up this morning around 340, it looks like the party will continue through July. Yes we admit to being shocked at the advances since the March lows.

BUT we still anticipate some significant declines into August. We are primarily in BONDS and they are providing us some decent dividends.

The polls are saying Trump is in serious trouble, and a Biden election is not good news. And the selection of a minority VP may lock up his win.

BUY (UPDATE Placed limit order at $20.77

AGNCP (AGNCP) (Risk 1) is one of our top choices.

Investors who are closing out other positions may wonder how they can maintain income. AGNCP provides an opportunity with lower risk. Yes, the yield is lower. However, the risk also is lower. If the market enters another panic, these shares should decline far less. If investors want to take on more risk at that time, they have that option. We believe there’s very little additional (potential) reward for taking on extra risk at this time.

If the market recovers, AGNCP still has significant upside and enough yield to be quite respectable. It’s an option to maintain a large chunk of the upside but significantly reduce the downside.

AGNC Investment Corp. 6.125% Dep Shares Ser F Fix/Float Cumul Red Preferred Stk
Ticker Symbol: AGNCP     CUSIP: 00123Q872     Exchange: NGSSecurity Type:   Traditional Preferred Stock

QUANTUMONLINE.COM SECURITY DESCRIPTION:  AGNC Investment Corp., 6.125% depositary shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a depositary share of Series F Fixed-To-Floating Rate Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock, liquidation preference $25 per depositary share, redeemable at the issuer’s option on or after 04/15/2025 at $25 per depositary share plus accrued and unpaid dividends, and with no stated maturity. Cumulative distributions of 6.125% per annum ($1.53125 per annum or $0.3828125 per quarter) will be paid quarterly on 1/15, 4/15, 7/15 & 10/15 to holders of record on the record date that will be the first day of the calendar month in which the dividend payment date falls 

Full article; AGNCP article


(Don’t recall where this article ran!!)

In May, readers may recall we said social distancing would revive drive-in movie theaters in a post-corona world. And boy, were we right.  

A press release via Walmart on Wednesday (July 1) said, “Walmart is transforming 160 of its store parking lots into contact-free drive-in movie theaters where customers can safely gather to watch movies programmed by the Tribeca Drive-in team.” 

Beginning in August, Walmart will roll out this red carpet experience in towns across the country for a combined 320 showings. This family-friendly night will include hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities and concessions delivered right to customer vehicles.

NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR. This blog is intended for INCOME investors. IF you are heavily invested in stocks, caution is advised as we head in August. Go to the Core Portfolio for current holdings. Don’t forget to hit the like button. This blog is designed for retired investors seeking income.

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