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Wednesday. Gold is being manipulated. NUGT has been a disaster for us, and we sold it. We really deserve a kick in the ass for this mess. NUGT is a leveraged fund that should be day traded. We held on for several days. Second, we did not have a sell order in place. How stupid. […]


“Boy it’s sure great that the Country had the RESERVES to pay for all this” (a moronic comment from a neighbor) ……in fact, the corrupt Government is ADDING Trillions and Trillions of DEBT to pay for the virus pandemic. The above statement is so shocking………. to think that people do NOT understand that we are […]


May 22, 2020. Blackrock Core Bond BHK (leveraged, risky) LINK TO ARTICLE We are buying a small position, just to get it on the radar. IF we get expected stock market declines in July/August, we will be adding at lower prices. BUY BHK at 5.2% yield. BHK is a leveraged fixed income fund administered by […]


I know… many of my clients are scratching their heads and asking themselves, “How in the world can this market be moving higher in light of all the risk of reopening the economy right now?”Just remember… What is important is not WHY the market is trending higher… What is always paramount is the fact that […]


May 18, 2020. We have been watching gold, expecting a decline before heading higher. BUT gold is now breaking higher and we are buying a very small ‘starter’ position to start. If it continues upward, we will be adding more. BUY GDX At higher risk, you can look at NUGT which moves two times FASTER […]


May 15, 2020. We are placing a BUY Limit order on BTZ BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust. Pays 7.35%. We are hoping the price comes DOWN to our Limit Order price of: $12.55 If BTZ does not decline to our buy price, we will raise our buy price. This small position is less than one […]


May 14, 2020. On May 11, (and May 6) we posted an expectation of a decline of 5-10% for SPY. And we are now in that pull back. We now anticipate SPY heading back up after this minor decline, BUT THEN A significant decline June/July. (if you are trading heavy in stocks, be sure and […]