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March 19, 2020. The Core Portfolio is down 19% from the top earlier this year which is ok considering what investors have gone thru. Cash increased significantly yesterday as we were selling positions. In the afternoon things got worse and we were seeing terrible low bids and we stopped selling. The bond market froze up and we were not able to sell corporate bonds.

The Trump press conference this morning is very, very positive. They are finally addressing possible CURES in a detailed manner. As Trump said, “this could be a game changer”.

(The assholes from the liberal press are trying to make Trump look bad with their biased question, but he is succinctly answering every concern.)

For the FIRST time, we are relatively positive on this virus situation. The markets are now flat, after being up today, and the Portfolio is up 8% today. We are doing nothing other than trying to identify positions to BUY should the stock markets start to recover. We are NOT selling anything, at least for today.


A drug developed over half a century ago to treat malaria is showing signs that it may also help cure COVID-19 — especially when combined with an antibiotic, a promising new study reveals.

Hydroxychloroquine, sold under the brand name Plaquenil — and also used to treat arthritis, malaria and other ailments — was determined to be effective in killing the deadly bug in laboratory experiments, Forbes reported, citing findings published March 9 in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal.

“(W)e predict that the drug has a good potential to combat the disease,” the study’s authors, most from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, wrote in a letter published in Cell Discovery Wednesday, according to the report.

Now, French physician-researchers have completed a largely successful clinical trial using the drug — approved for use in the US in 1955 —  to treat confirmed COVID-19 patients, according to a study published Wednesday.

A total of 36 patients — including 20 treated individuals and 16 infected controls — were enrolled in the study, led by Didier Raoult, an infectious disease expert from l’Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire in Marseille.

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