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But in an even more awkward moment, he confusedly called for the reelection of Donald Trump in front of bewildered supporters.
“…We cannot get re-elected, we cannot win this re-election, excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump,” Biden said.

What we know, with almost absolute certainty, is that we will be in an economic recession within the next couple of quarters. We also know that earnings estimates are still way too elevated to account for the disruption coming from the COVID-19.  (FULL ARTICLE)

March 9, 2020.  The Core Portfolio is down ‘only’ 4.5% vs 6.3% for SPY (for today).  As ‘everyone’ is expecting the federal government to step in with monetary and fiscal stimulus very soon, we have decided to hold off on selling positions.

The technical indicators are still pointing DOWN and we would really like to raise cash.  But it is best not to panic, and wait to see what the Feds do in helping stabilize markets:  at which time we may CONTINUE SELLING. AT HIGHER PRICES.  We did review the numerous individual corporate bonds and have decided to hold for now.  They are holding up well, and some are increasing in value.

The big mistake so far was NOT selling the energy/oil positions.  They are really hurting the portfolio.

We started SELLING positions back in EARLY FEBRUARY, in anticipation of problems and now have a rather large cash position.

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