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March 31, 2020. We purchased a small position in CAG Conagra Brands as a TRADE. It pays 3% yield. We do NOT anticipate holding this for a long time. BUSINESS:  Conagra Brands, Inc. is one of North America’s leading branded food companies. The company’s portfolio is evolving to satisfy people’s changing food preferences. Conagra’s iconic brands […]


As noted above, the “bear market” will NOT be over until the credit market is fixed. We are a long way from that being done, given the blowout in yields currently occurring. In the meantime, use rallies to raise cash. Don’t worry about trying to “buy the bottom.” There will be plenty of time to […]


March 27, 2020. Yesterday we bought a little gold with the intention to buy more: of course depending on market conditions which change hourly. The markets are pointing down this morning, and we expect further downside long term–maybe 10% to 15% more. Despite three days of upside, there is no way you can see continued […]


March 26, 2020. We bought a tiny starter position in IAU. iShares Gold TrustTicker Symbol: IAU     CUSIP: 464285105     Exchange: NYSEA Security Type:   Index ETF  —  ETF SubType:   Commodities Index ETFCompany’s Online Profile FUND DESCRIPTION:  iShares Gold Trust, formerly iShares COMEX Gold Trust, issues shares representing fractional undivided beneficial interests in its net assets. The assets of […]


NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR. NOTE TO NEW READERS: Before you buy anything we discuss here, GO to the Core Portfolio tab to see a CURRENT listing of holdings. Don’t forget to hit the like button. Our host WordPress is running ads in the blog and we receive NO compensation from this advertising. March 25, […]


“bear markets don’t bottom with optimism, they end with despair.” “With all of our signals now triggered from fairly high levels, it suggests the current selloff is not over as of yet. In other words, we will see a rally, followed by a secondary failure to lower lows, before the ultimate bottom is put in.”  […]


March 20, 2020. Here in Illinois, the obese Governor has ordered residents into ‘lockdown’ ensuring failure of the economy in the state. You cannot leave the house. What fun. Despite having time to evaluate the portfolio and action in the markets, we have made no changes in the last two days. The tension between Trump […]


March 19, 2020. The Core Portfolio is down 19% from the top earlier this year which is ok considering what investors have gone thru. Cash increased significantly yesterday as we were selling positions. In the afternoon things got worse and we were seeing terrible low bids and we stopped selling. The bond market froze up […]


March 18, 2020. We are in the process of trying to sell ALL positions in the Core Portfolio, EXCEPT for oil/energy and the corporate bonds. This is D-Day. Prices are COLLAPSING. As everyone knows we are in retirement and cannot afford to lose everything. If you are younger and can endure the pain to wait […]


March 17, 2020. We sold another Core Portfolio position: CIM The Core Portfolio is now down a ‘reasonable’ 13% from the highs. Not too bad considering. Scroll down for recent posts.