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The Gallup poll found that 76 percent of Democratic voters would vote for a socialist. Only 17 percent of Republicans say they would vote for a socialist, and 45 percent of independents would vote for one.

February 28, 2020.  Yesterday we started to feel the stomach pains.  The last time this happened was WAY back in 2008 during the huge financial fiasco.  The broad markets are now down 12% and we ANTICPATE AN ADDTIONAL 10-15% DECLINE.  It looks like we will see further downside today, Friday. 

It is shocking to watch the financial advisors and TV programs telling you to start buying:  “the bottom is in”.  We disagree.

Additional sales were planned yesterday but the declines were so huge, we just did not want to take the losses.  There may be a rebound next week at which time selling of additional Core Portfolio positions may make sense.

The Core Portfolio holds a large number of individual Corporate Bonds with specific maturity dates, and they are virtually unchanged-so far. 

The one ‘positive’ aspect in this whole mess is that we continue to receive the dividends from all our holdings.  In the meantime we ARE building a ‘buy’ list for positions to buy if/when this thing ends which may include positions that we have recently sold.

We are hearing stories this morning about tremendous progress in vaccines and cures that would be available quickly, and this would of course stabilize markets. 

This is an excellent and informative video explaining why socialism has become so popular.

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