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Wow this hurts.

Image result for sad faceFebruary 26, 2020.  Financial markets are now oversold and we may get a significant rebound in the next few days.  So today is probably not the time to be selling.

BUT, if we see higher highs this week, we will most likely be further reducing our risk by dumping more positions.

LONG TERM:  As income dividend investors, the big issue now is the possibility of companies CUTTING dividends if we see the virus infection spread across the U.S.  Supply lines are being cut all over and if companies don’t have product, and people stay home, there are no profits, and no dividends.  

As stated above, if we can sell at higher prices this week or next (or even today), we WILL BE RAISING CASH.  Don’t be complacent thinking this is the normal run of the mill correction.  This is serious world wide disease, that is not going away soon.  

Don’t listen to these morons on TV telling you to “put cash to work’.  Wow, how stupid can you get.  Unless there are some dramatic changes today which is possible, we are waiting and watching.


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