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February 19, 2020. With two sales yesterday, the Core Portfolio is now at 16% CASH, the highest level that we have had in recent memory. Regular readers know this in in reaction to the spread of the coronavirus.

(news Wednesday: Global stocks reversed Tuesday’s losses and rose on Wednesday after fresh “hope and optimism”TM emerged that China is getting closer to containing the coronavirus epidemic and that Beijing may be planning further measures to support its economy reeling from the virus-induced crash. The yen weakened and the USDJPY hit the highest level since May 2019.)

There is an increasing number of articles talking about the negative effects on industry, and eventually the markets. Yesterday Apple was the big news story.

We intend to CONTINUE raising cash levels, at least for the near term. Altho our bond, preferred, CEF, BDC, and REIT portfolio has NOT been hurt so far, we remain cautious…..yes we ARE GETTING hurt on the energy positions.

IF you primarily invested in common stocks, you need to be very studious in watching your positions on a daily basis. The stock market is over valued and any ‘shock’ could seriously negatively hurt your portfolio.

Do not get drawn into all the BS and hype you hear on the financial networks. They depend on advertisers and they have to promote stocks to keep their advertisers happy.


Bloomieberg is getting hit hard for his negative comments on farmers. We are betting that he has totally lost this voting block.

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

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