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January 30, 2020. It is astonishing. Financial advisors and newsletter writers are telling readers to BUY stocks that are grossly over-valued. I guess they don’t read the news. The China virus continues to get worse, affecting business across the globe not to mention the human death toll.

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Don’t get suckered into all the ‘happy talk’ on the financial cable channels. Remember, they want you to buy and invest in the markets.

In contrast, we are continually reviewing all Core Portfolio positions for possible SELLS. On the other hand, we are not adverse to buying any bargains that suddenly appear.

Now is the time to be cautious. As we write this Thursday morning the DOW is down 193.

Politics: Sanders and Biden are in a virtual tie in Iowa. Even the Democraps party is now preparing to try and get the socialist communist Sanders out of the running. And thankfully it looks like the impeachment charade may end tomorrow.

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