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January 2, 2020. Last week we placed some buy limit orders and was hoping to pick up some positions “on sale”. It appears right now that the chances of these orders getting filled are “slim and none.”

BUT……..with the markets up 175 points, the Core Portfolio is actually in the RED this morning. As we have been saying, you have to stay diligent as a minor correction may be coming….and it looks like some INCOME investors are ALREADY selling. We obviously don’t know for sure what is going on but we are staying diligent.

We are going to hold the two BUY orders as they may get filled if the markets decline. We are thinking about selling positions, and reducing the size of other positions where we have significant profits. Today a SELL LIMT GTC order has been placed for HTPRD at $24.95-if filled would give us a tiny profit.

The good news: we received a LOT of dividend payments over the last week. And the momentum indicators for SPY, IWM and XLF (the big three) are still positive.

We DON’T know WHEN this bull market will end. We DO know it WILL end

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