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January 31, 2020. We have a huge total return of 26% for MAIN, a position in the Core Portfolio. We are seeing a serious decline in this thing, and want to take the money and run. SELL. The DOW is down 427 right now. A very good article about people fleeing the high tax states […]


January 31, 2020. Here is a great website showing the status of the China virus: ETPPRD Energy Transfer A position in the Core Portfolio is going ex-dividend. It typically drops to UNDER $24.00 (may take a week or two) which places it in the “ON SALE” category. We are placing a LIMIT BUY GTC […]


January 30, 2020. It is astonishing. Financial advisors and newsletter writers are telling readers to BUY stocks that are grossly over-valued. I guess they don’t read the news. The China virus continues to get worse, affecting business across the globe not to mention the human death toll. Don’t get suckered into all the ‘happy talk’ […]


January 29, 2020. The Core Portfolio is now at 13% in CASH, one of the highest levels we have had in years. McDonalds, Starbucks et al are closing 1000s of stores in China. Obviously this will affect revenue and profits—negatively. Yes the market was higher yesterday and is already up 11 for SPY today. BUT […]


January 27, 2020. Major problems with our host today. Edge is not working and we have converted to Firefox……finally. SELLING NEWTL. The Total Return is very nice and it is time to lock in the profits. The Core Portfolio is “only” down about half a percent, which is one third of SPY. (Now at 1.5%) […]


January 23, 2020. We spend many hours everyday looking at possible buys and sells in the Core Portfolio. And right now there is just nothing happening. But JPMorgan has an article with 3 BUYS, and we hold all three already. Article link: LINK HERE By market capitalization, TESLA (cult stock) is THREE times larger than […]


January 21, 2020. There really is not much new to discuss regarding the Core Portfolio. We continue holding all positions with the anticipation of a minor pullback…..but read on……. Today we sold half a position that had a huge 21% gain in 18 months.(increasing the portfolio cash position a little) This holding was not listed […]