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December 4, 2019. Keep in mind that mutual funds make distributions in December which negatively affect stocks….and the trade wars are now scaring the markets. But you typically see the Santa Claus rally at the end of December.

The Core Portfolio was relatively flat yesterday during the big decline. We are making no changes and continue to hold the Core Portfolio.

What a disaster. The criminal Hillary was finally on Sirius Howard Stern after years of avoiding him. She could barely make it through the interview because of incessant coughing. Poor thing. Please just go away.


We have been Burger King and Whopper fans forever. With the huge popularity of the fake meats, we had been planning on trying their new Impossible Whopper. Last week we finally had the chance to try it. Compared to the original real meat Whopper, the Impossible burger is really a disappointment. In fact it is gross and worse has no flavor. Wow, how can people really say that this stuff is any good. Our recommendation: stay away.

To be clear, we hope the slaughter of cattle stops both for humanitarian and environmental reasons. But they will have to produce a better fake meat product to get our support.

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