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November 8, 2109. We are ADDING to AWF, a position in the Core Portfolio. So far, we have a total return of 9% with AWF. BUY at $11.94.


If you talk to a thousand investors, you will see a 1,000 different styles. Stock trading, value investing, dividend investing, bonds, put/calls. As we have talked to people over the decades, it became obvious that everybody has their own unique style that they felt comfortable with.

Here at Dividend Income Investor we started by putting money into the 401K back in the 80s. After retiring from the Corporate world, we foolishly thought we could make a killing in the stock market. A stupid and time consuming mistake.

Eventually we “discovered” dividend investing and that is what this blog, Dividend Income Investor, is all about. We started out with Corporate Bonds when the yields were quite high. In recent years, this spread out to BDCs, REITs, preferred stocks, and baby bonds, among many other options. More and more investors are ‘discovering’ dividend investing which is driving prices sky high. We have to be extremely careful in buying only positions that are ‘new’ issues or ‘on sale’.


drudgereport.com has been one of the biggest, if not the most visited site out there. Always conservative oriented, it has NOW been turning liberal against Trump and thankfully there are several NEW sites that are targeting the conservative side.





WOW who knew???

Out of 3,766 voters who were polled in six of the swing states, 84 percent said they would not be persuaded leading up to the 2020 presidential election. The poll, conducted by the New York Times/Siena College from October 13 to October 26, represents registered voters in Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and Michigan—the competitive states President Trump won in the 2016 election. One year before the election, 6 percent of respondents said they were somewhat persuadable, and 9 percent said they were persuadable.

Those who were certain were split about which candidate they would vote for. Thirty-two percent said they would “definitely vote” for Trump and 33 percent they would “definitely vote” for the Democratic nominee. Though less certain but not persuadable, 11 percent said there was “not really any chance” they would vote for Democratic nominee and 8 percent said there was “not really any chance” they would vote for Trump.

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