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November 4, 2019. Monmouth (MNR) is an industrial REIT that focuses on warehouses and distribution centers. Can you believe that FedEx accounts for almost 60% of their annual rent. They use “triple-net” leases which make the majority of property level expenses the responsibility of the tenant. The portfolio consists of 114 buildings in 30 states. We are buying the preferred which is paying just over 6% today. BUY MNR-C which is MNRPRC at Fidelity.


Jeffrey Gundlach is the current “bond king” so when he speaks, people listen. Below are some excerpts from an article talking about his thoughts on the financial markets.


You could create inflation through universal basic income. That would debase everything. Or you could default on Social Security benefits and welfare benefits. These are the options. We’ll do some combination, maybe raise the eligibility age from 65 to 75. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but what we have now is unsustainable. The debt is unsustainable. Interest rates are unsustainable. The wealth inequality gets worse every minute. It’s already beyond the point of sustainability, and when the next downturn comes, there will be a lot of anger and unrest.

Will Trump get reelected?

The only thing that could derail him is a recession.

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