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October 9, 2019. Gladstone Capital Corporate has a new baby bond issue and we may buy when it starts trading. GLADL will offer a low 5.375% maturing in 2024. We do not know exactly when it starts trading. Here is the link to their website. ___________ Ratings of Ultra liberal late night talk shows […]


October 8 2019. We are cruising along right now, now really anticipating doing much with the Core Portfolio. We have been selling and buying recently and new buy last week, DLRTP is doing fine, up nicely. Economic numbers are looking lousy and our concerns about a coming recession are growing. The nitwit happy talkers on […]


October 3, 2019. Market is now tumbling at 9am Central. We are not selling right now but looking at profitable positions to get rid of. If we get below the 200 DMA look out. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Biden and Sanders with his health problems will NOT be the Democraps nominee. Wall Street […]


UPDATE: Big selloff today. Core Portfolio down about half a percent vs almost 2% for SPY. Not terribly concerned YET. Not selling anything. In fact looking to possibly buy. October 2, 2019. We are BUYING a rather large position of DLRTP. We suggest you buy right now before the price goes higher. This is a […]


October 1, 2109. We added to the GAINM position on Friday, as discussed here last week. The end of the month, and we see a very large number of Core Portfolio dividend payments coming in. 🙂 SELL the Core Portfolio position UTF. This holding is now at sky high levels. It has been rising steadily […]