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October 29, 2019. We have numerous fixed income positions that are at very high levels. For example WHFBZ Whitehorse is at a mind blowing $26.59. We thought about selling this yesterday but it just keeps going higher. There are additional preferreds and baby bonds that will be watched closely for possible sell candidates. The cash position in the Core Portfolio is UP to 10%, which is higher than normal.


Only Trump could think of this one. You have to give him credit: In what we are sure will be “hair-on-fire” screamed about as ‘tyrannical-book-burning’, President Trump has reportedly planning to instruct federal agencies to not renew their subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington Post. FULL ARTICLE


VIDEO: Facts say stocks could rally significantly.


CBS, ABC, NBC Evening News. It is hard to believe that people actually watch those ‘old’ ultra liberal biased “Walter Cronkite” evening news programs. A plane crash, negative Trump story, tornado/hurricane, child murder, the end. The same old shit over and over every night. What a freak show. We decided to look into how many viewers actually watch this crap. Amazingly, over eight million dummies tune in to ABC. And this is only one network. Long term, the ratings ARE declining.

THIS IS REALLY AMAZING. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE BELOW. In 2018, households received $2.2 trillion in some form of government transfer payments, which was more than the $1.7 trillion paid in personal income taxes.

If employment was indeed as strong as reported by government agencies, then social benefits would not be comprising a record high of 22% of real disposable incomes. Here is the breakdown:

  • 40 million Americans on food stamps
  • An estimated 50% of the 330 million Americans in this country get at least one federal benefit, according to the Census Bureau.
  • An estimated 63 million get Social Security; 59.9 million get Medicare; 75 million get Medicaid; 5 million get housing subsidies; and 4 million get Veterans’ benefits.

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