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October 24, 2019. We have been using IRM Iron Mountain as a trading stock. IRM does yield 7.1% but we have been taking profits around $35-$36, and buying around $30-$32. The price today is $34 and we are watching for a possible sale at $36 if IRM continues higher. We already have a 5% gain and that doesn’t even include the dividends.

IF you hold IRM and are not interested in trading, it is an excellent position to hold long-term and collect the dividends.


Great Elm Capital has sold two additional baby bonds and their leverage has increased, which makes this position too risky for us. We are also seeing price declines since late Sept. Our Total Return which includes the dividends is a very nice 9.2% It’s time for us to take profits and run for the hills. SELL GECCL.


The soon-to-be-released book, entitled A Warning, is being touted as a so-called “unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency,” which claims to build upon the Times article, according to the Washington Post.

The book’s publisher, Twelve, said the author will not only remain anonymous, but “elaborate precautions have been taken to protect the author’s identity,” CNN reports.


After reaching a high of $18.88, GBDC has declined to $17.84 giving us an opportunity to buy ‘on sale’. GBDC Golub Capital is a business development company, currently paying 7.22%. BUY GBDC —place a Limit Buy Order at $17.85

Golub Capital BDC, Inc. is an externally managed, closed-end, non-diversified management investment company that has elected to be treated as a business development company under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and as a regulated investment company, or RIC, under the federal tax code. We are publicly traded on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “GBDC.”

We intend to achieve our investment objective by:

  • Accessing the established loan origination channels developed by Golub Capital, a leading lender to middle-market companies with over $30 billion of capital under management as of January 1, 2019
  • Selecting investments within our core middle-market company focus using the disciplined underwriting standards of Golub Capital
  • Partnering with experienced private equity firms, many of whom are repeat clients

Golub Capital is a market-leading, award-winning direct lender and credit asset manager, with over $30 billion of capital under management. We specialize in delivering reliable, creative and compelling financing solutions to U.S. middle market companies backed by private equity sponsors. The firm’s credit expertise also forms the foundation of our Late Stage Lending business and our Broadly Syndicated Loan investment program. Across our activities, Golub Capital nurtures long-term, win-win partnerships that inspire repeat business from our private equity sponsor clients and investors. Founded 25 years ago, Golub Capital today has over 425 employees and lending offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. For more information, please visit golubcapital.com.

Image result for hillary clinton in witch hat

Wicked witch Hillary has been running her filthy mouth recently causing all sorts of howling in the media. We are hoping she gets into the Presidential race. Now that would be exciting.

NOW IN OUR 7TH YEAR. NOTE TO NEW READERS:  Before you buy anything we discuss here, GO to the Core Portfolio tab to see a CURRENT listing of holdings. This “free” blog is designed for investors seeking income by using preferreds, BDCs, REITs, baby bonds and corporate bonds. Don’t forget to hit the like button. Go Here For “About Our host WordPress is running ads in the blog. We receive NO compensation from this advertising.

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