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October 8 2019. We are cruising along right now, now really anticipating doing much with the Core Portfolio. We have been selling and buying recently and new buy last week, DLRTP is doing fine, up nicely.

Economic numbers are looking lousy and our concerns about a coming recession are growing. The nitwit happy talkers on CNBC and Fox Business want you to feel good as this drives ratings. But you need to stay alert as to what really is going on. Right now we continue holding all positions with a slightly higher cash position.


The popularity of Trump among likely voters remains at 49%. This is a very good article explaining the continued support despite the Democraps actions..

But through all of this, Trump’s approval rating is at its highest level of the year according to the Hill-HarrisX survey, and the other major polls taken since this Ukraine phone call whistleblower story emerged show few changes from the last surveys taken before the news broke.

How is this possible?

Anyone still asking that question simply hasn’t come to terms with why Donald Trump won the 2016 election in the first place. In short, Trump was elected to be the ultimate disruptor and to play that disruptive role as much as possible. “Drain the swamp” wasn’t just a campaign slogan, but a visceral feeling against establishment Washington in every way. Millions of Americans who voted for Trump and still support him chose him precisely because he is nasty, breaks the rules, and shows little respect for the political establishment at every level.



Every capitalist society in history has eventually gone socialist, just like we are going now. The underclass eventually takes over due to the greed of the rich. Now that it appears Biden and Sanders are out of the picture, the socialist Warren is the leader. Wow. For us baby boomers it is so SAD to see what is going on.


In 1982, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the average CEO earned 50 times the average production worker. Today, the CEO Pay Ratio is 144 times the average worker with most of the gains a result of stock options and awards.

You can understand why it is a political “hot topic” for 2020.

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