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October 31, 2019. A ‘trick’ from IRM today. We were anticipating a sell on IRM, as it headed higher into our sell zone. They are reporting some bad news this morning so it is dumping. We will not get the profitable trade that was expected, but will continue to hold for the dividends. IRM is […]


October 29, 2019. We have numerous fixed income positions that are at very high levels. For example WHFBZ Whitehorse is at a mind blowing $26.59. We thought about selling this yesterday but it just keeps going higher. There are additional preferreds and baby bonds that will be watched closely for possible sell candidates. The cash […]


October 24, 2019. We have been using IRM Iron Mountain as a trading stock. IRM does yield 7.1% but we have been taking profits around $35-$36, and buying around $30-$32. The price today is $34 and we are watching for a possible sale at $36 if IRM continues higher. We already have a 5% gain […]


October 22, 2019. Last year during Sept-Dec we saw significant declines in the markets. But they have been in an upward trend all year. And the Oct-Dec period is usually good (despite last year’s swoon). So we anticipate further gains. Over the last few days we had been thinking about a new BUY for the […]


October 18, 2019. We see Gabelli is calling many of their preferreds. We have a huge gain on GDVPRH and want to take the profits. SELL right now. We recently bought a position in Digital Realty Trust. Here is an article that appeared yesterday that gives you a detailed analysis. Do NOT buy now: it […]


October 15, 2019. We are reading some disturbing comments this morning about one of our Core Portfolio positions. We will be SELLING RILYZ. The total return which includes the numerous dividend payments is 29% so it has performed well. Yes it is possible we are over-reacting but in this environment it is better to be […]


October 14, 2019. We follow several financial advisors which have proven their worth over the years. There is now a divergence, with some saying a recession is on the way. Some saying the opposite. Our crystal ball has been broken for ten years and we do not have the answer. We remain very cautious and […]


October 9, 2019. Gladstone Capital Corporate has a new baby bond issue and we may buy when it starts trading. GLADL will offer a low 5.375% maturing in 2024. We do not know exactly when it starts trading. Here is the link to their website. ___________ Ratings of Ultra liberal late night talk shows […]


October 8 2019. We are cruising along right now, now really anticipating doing much with the Core Portfolio. We have been selling and buying recently and new buy last week, DLRTP is doing fine, up nicely. Economic numbers are looking lousy and our concerns about a coming recession are growing. The nitwit happy talkers on […]


October 3, 2019. Market is now tumbling at 9am Central. We are not selling right now but looking at profitable positions to get rid of. If we get below the 200 DMA look out. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Biden and Sanders with his health problems will NOT be the Democraps nominee. Wall Street […]