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September 25, 2019. Yeah the Democraps keep dumping on Trump. They just cannot give up on their never ending quest to get rid of him. We lived thru the Clinton impeachment and we can tell you, this whole mess will hurt the Democraps in the upcoming election.

The current proceedings also hi-lite the corruption of Biden (as described in recent books) and as we said recently, Biden is too old and too dumb to win anything. He is going to lose this thing….well actually he has been losing in the polls.

The markets are yawning, at least so far, over this whole travesty. We are still planning on one sale, and a possible buy. Not much else has changed.

NEW BOOK: We have never read one of Bill O’Reilly’s books, which are evidently huge sellers. But we put a hold on this one at the local library.

Cover image for The United States of Trump :

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