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September 4, 2019. AFINP is a quality preferred that is on sale today: we understand the Company is offering a new preferred, which is driving down the price of AFINP.

BUY: AFINP at $25.27. Pays a very nice 7.7%. (Yesterday the price was $25.95)

BUSINESS:  American Finance Trust, Inc. is a real estate investment trust focused on managing and acquiring a high-quality single and multi-tenant portfolio that is service-retail focused. The portfolio consists of a strong, creditworthy tenant base and is well positioned for growth.

American Finance Trust, 7.50% Series A Cumul Red Perp Preferred Stock
Ticker Symbol: AFINP     CUSIP: 02607T406     Exchange: NGS Security Type:   Traditional Preferred Stock

QUANTUMONLINE.COM SECURITY DESCRIPTION:  American Finance Trust, Inc., 7.50% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock, liquidation preference $25 per share, redeemable at the issuer’s option on or after 3/26/2024 at $25 per share plus accrued and unpaid dividends, and with no stated maturity. Cumulative distributions of 7.50% per annum ($1.875 per annum or $0.46875 per quarter) will be paid quarterly on 1/15, 4/15, 7/15 & 10/15 to holders of record on the record date fixed by the board, not more than 30 days or less than 10 days prior to the payment date

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