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August 13, 2019. We have sold the following: TANNL. Just isn’t doing much. We have a tiny gain. Time to move on and buy something better. PBY. We purchased PBY at a deep discount in March and it spiked up to $25.93. A sell limit order is in for $25.93 which if filled is a […]


August 12, 2019. We got filled on the HCXZ order Friday: you had to act fast to get this one as the price temporarily dropped. We wanted to buy CIM but it spiked up and left us in the dust. Now looking to BUY BIZD and maybe FFC. In addition to BIZD and FFC, we […]


August 9, 2019. We have been trying to ADD to HCXZ (a Core Portfolio position) but it keeps heading higher. For some reason, it has dropped today. We have placed a BUY limit order at $25.16. MAYBE it will get filled.


August 7, 2019. SPY is down 300 points as we write this. This is what we said on Monday: This decline will probably last a few weeks if not longer and hopefully it provides us some buying opportunities… And we still think declines are possible for awhile. It is interesting that we have over a […]


August 5, 2019. We have mentioned several times recently that a 5% pull back was a real possibility. It looks like that time has come. Stocks may drop and our more conservative holdings in the Core Portfolio will probably drop in sympathy. For new subscribers, we are NOT stock traders. Instead we are primarily in […]


August 1, 2019. Yesterday our two orders were filled at the prices we wanted. NEWTL, a new issue, was purchased. We also bought more LMRKO. SELL LADR. With lower lows and lower highs, it looks like sellers are starting to look at LADR. We were planning on selling several months back, but in mid June, […]