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August 29, 2019. China is in the news today and markets are higher. Trump says they want a deal….altho we doubt it. We are holding all positions anticipating a China agreement MAY result in even higher prices. See notes below about a China ‘expert’.

Generally speaking we like “term” bonds and preferreds (vs perpetual) as they mature on a specified date. SeekingAlpha.com published a valuable article listing term baby bonds and preferreds and we suggest you study this as you select positions. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4288533-term-preferreds-baby-bonds-less-10-years-maturity-review


Yesterday we were fascinated with a radio interview with Michael Pillsbury, supposedly one of the ‘experts’ on China. (We had never heard of this guy before.) He talked about numerous aspects of the current trade war, which were rather shocking to us as we knew nothing about the ‘true’ story. We are going to get his book, and suggest you look at his site: WEB SITE

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