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August 30, 2019. We are sounding like a broken record and have mentioned IRM numerous times recently. The indicators started turning up in early August after a severe tumble back April. We saw a positive article this morning talking about IRM. Iron Mountain (IRM), aka the “outlier” (in my words), has built a sustainable platform […]


August 29, 2019. China is in the news today and markets are higher. Trump says they want a deal….altho we doubt it. We are holding all positions anticipating a China agreement MAY result in even higher prices. See notes below about a China ‘expert’. Generally speaking we like “term” bonds and preferreds (vs perpetual) as […]


August 28, 2019. On August 9, the momentum indicators gave us a sell signal for SPY. Since SPY consists of 500 stocks, and we are primarily invested in DIVIDEND PRODUCING bonds, we were not motivated to sell anything. Keep in mind our objective is income and the goal is to keep quality income producing positions […]


August 26, 2019. We own BPYPP a preferred from Brookfield and have nice gains. Today we are placing a buy limit order for BPYPO at $25.30. This thing is going UP and you need to act right now to get a decent price. Brookfield Property Partners L.P. 6.375% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Units […]


UPDATE FRIDAY: WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO BUY TERM PREFERRED OXLCO AT $25.37 BUT NOT SUCCESSFUL. TRUMP TWEETED AND MARKETS DOWN: DO NOTHING. DO NOT SELL ANYTHING. August 22, 2019. Not much has changed in the Core Portfolio over the last three days. Everything is so over-priced that we cannot buy anything, or even add […]


August 19, 2019. We are in negative territory with our recent purchase of IRM Iron Mountain, even when the one dividend payment is added in. The technical indicators indicate growing momentum and IRM is still a buy. Here is a link to an article discussing IRM: While Iron Mountain (IRM) is known for its core […]


August 16,2019. Sold PBY. We finally got the price we wanted at 25.93 and took very large profits on PBY. CIM. Purchased a small position in CIM yesterday per the post. The Core Portfolio is down less than HALF of ONE percent this week so we are not crying in our soup….yet. We suggest you […]