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July 10, 2019, It looks like interest rates may be going down further, or at least staying the same. This is not positive for our floating rate funds. SELL these today.

BSL We have a price decline but with dividends, there is a small Total Return of 3.5%

GSBD Price is down but with dividends there is a Total Return of 7.9%

If you hold similar positions like EFT or FRA, sell.

There are no screaming buys so we will hold proceeds in money markets for now. We are also evaluating additional Core Portfolio positions for possible sells this week.


If you invested in only Treasuries over the last twenty years, you would have BEAT the stock market. Amazing but true–see bottom chart below.

We have mentioned RIA http://www.realinvestmentadvice.com owned by Lance Roberts, many many times. (Charts above are from his website.) In the many decades that we have been in the financial markets, RIS is by far the BEST and free financial website. The site is absolutely packed with useful information. We have found Lance to be extremely accurate in observing the markets.

Last week he published a detailed analysis of the jobs market. We strongly you suggest you read this article and get the REAL truth behind the fake news jobs numbers that the government spews out.


The early Sunday morning political talk shows have always been a huge waste of time——politicians simply spewing thier talking points. Viewers are finally starting to realize this.

“Average audience for the network TV Sunday morning political talk shows on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC — ‘This Week,’ ‘Face the Nation,’ and ‘Meet the Press,’ respectively — declined 8% in 2018, to about 2.3 million average viewers,” the pollster said in a new report, which reviewed several years worth of complex Comscore audience data.

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