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July 3, 2019. Every so often, we miss on ‘opportunities’. We used to watch gold years ago, but it has been dead and we more or less forgot about it. But if you were alert enough to have bought the gold miners recently, there were riches to be had.

Back in May we mentioned NRUC, a lost ‘opportunity’ for us. It jumped above our buy price and we never did buy. Today this damn thing is at $26.69, way above the par of $25.00 in a very short period of time. We could have sold today and made a huge profit in less than two months.


LOL We hear on the radio that many of the southern California flower growers have converted to growing marijuana: forcing florists to source their flowers from other providers.


And in the latest warning to Beijing that the trade war is having a real, and perhaps irreversible, impact, Nikkei Asian Review reports that HP, Dell and Amazon are joining the wave of consumer-electronics manufacturers who are planning to shift production elsewhere.

The burgeoning exodus, which also reportedly includes a half-dozen Apple suppliers (most notably Foxconn), Nintendo, Sony and others is threatening China’s status as the global manufacturing hub.



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