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July 1, 2019. Well….the China/Korea/U.S. summit is over and the markets are pointing up. China gained a LOT, the U.S. very little, and Trump got a photo op with Korea. Don’t believe the BS you hear on CNBC. China is in this for the long term and Trump will most likely never get the art of the deal agreement that he wants,,,,just more talk.

We remain almost fully invested with very little cash as this momentum will most likely continue. We do not envision any new buys in the near future as we already own too many positions, as discussed last week. We did see a boat-load of dividends come in Friday and this morning: a very good thing.


Biden is a major dope. Loser. He will never make it thru 2019.

  1. My First Priority as President Will Be to Defeat Trump!”

Can we see the rabbits, George? Take me to see the rabbits, George. I want to pet the rabbits.

Biden actually told the world that after he is elected president his first priority will be to defeat Trump.


It wasn’t that many years back (we are gonna say five years) most Americans still did NOT believe the news you see on CBS et al was liberal left wing biased. They put their trust in NBC and the radical left CNN to give them the straight news. Well of course we knew that was BS, which contributed to the start-up and huge success of conservative leaning FOX. People are finally starting to realize that fake news is real…..as described below.

65 and 63 percent of the respondents considered the (deliberate) spreading of false information as a major problem for their country,

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