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June 10, 2019. We hold a DynaGas preferred in the Core Portfolio. DLNG-B. This thing is a disaster, down 27%. but it is paying 13%. We came across an article talking about this mess and the author is suggesting you continue to hold. We are lucky in the sense that we have a very small […]


June 7, 2019. We are selling NRZ, a holding in the Core Portfolio. They are on the wrong side of interest rates, and it is best to take a very small loss right now before it gets worse. SELL. __________ The rich are getting richer. It is a refrain that has certainly been uttered before, […]


JUNE 6, 2019. Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust GDV, a closed end fund, is offering a new issue of preferred stock. The temporary ticker is GDVVP and we will be buying today. The permanent ticker is GDV-H. This is investment grade so if you want higher quality issues, this is the one for you. The […]


June 5, 2019. IRM Iron Mountain is in the Core Portfolio. This thing is ON SALE and you can buy for the first time, or add to positions. IRM goes thru the up and down cycles, not unusual. It is now at the ‘bottom’. This Company will be around forever and will provide you nice […]


June 4, 2019. We sold four Corporate Bonds, two of which are in the Core Portfolio. Two were purchased before we started this blog and were not listed: one of these was GAP the retail clothier. This segment is collapsing and if you hold their bonds, sell. We continue evaluating the LOWER rated bonds for […]


June 3, 2019. Investors were fleeing TO the safety of gold and Treasuries last week. And stocks are in a downtrend. Yes we may see a temporary bounce up this week, but long-term it appears the downtrend is favored…..remember that the markets are now trading based on Trump’s tweets so he will determine future trading, […]