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June 26, 2019. On June 20, we said we were going to hold a BUY LIMIT order for THQ at $17.50. It had spiked up after it was mentioned and we decided the price was just too high. But today the order filled.

Frankly we had forgotten about this order. We typically do NOT place ‘good till cancel’ orders as you can get into trouble-especially if the position is tanking and you are buying into failure. In this case we are lucky as THQ is already up 15 cents.

The lesson today: be careful with GTC orders. We typically suggest only ‘day’ orders.


Here is a long and detailed version of the story about Google trying to prevent Trump’s re-election. The story is not necessarily shocking as we know Google is left-wing but it is yet more proof that they will do anything possible to get liberal whack jobs elected. GO HERE FOR ARTICLE

A senior Google executive has been caught on an undercover video appearing to suggest the company is trying to stop ‘the next Trump situation’ in the 2020 presidential election.


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