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June 24, 2019. We hold CGBD in the Core Portfolio and have suggested ‘buys’ on several occasions in the past. Today we are seeing yet another positive article on this holding. CGBD pays 9.6% and the momentum indicators are positive. BUY or add to current positions. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

TCG BDC’s 9.6% dividend yield relative to its risk profile and portfolio quality is very attractive. It also trades with a 12% discount to NAV, which is no longer justified now that the final tranche of its pre-IPO shares have hit the market, coupled with the very high percentage first-lien loans (80%+) and very low non-accrual rate (<1.0%). TCG BDC is already structured to trade at $17.0-18.0 per share, with a return to previous highs reasonably probable.

ACAXP. As discussed last week, we DID buy ACAXP for the Core Portfolio.


BOOKS. SIEGE BY MICHAEL WOLFF Trump haters will love, love this book. It is so packed with negative stories about The Donald that any reasonable reader begins to wonder if most of this stuff is ‘made up.’. The author does have a reputation for lying. Yes we know Trump does NOT have a pristine reputation but his Republican base does not seem to care. But this book seems to go over the edge. It is a fun read, and we do recommend you get it, even tho much of the content is probably BS.


Student debt is killing millennials.

Her analysis is part of a growing group of evidence that suggests that millennials haven’t been the consumer boon that many corporations expected them to be. Their appeal remains that they are digitally native, mobile oriented, media savvy, politically progressive and well educated. But there’s just one problem: almost none of them seem to have the inly asset corporations care about: disposable cash.

This is one of the top takeaways of a brand new study from Deloitte’s Center for Consumer Insight, which surveyed over 4,000 American consumers to determine their current consuming habits. The survey found that since 1996, the average net worth of consumers under 35 has dropped by an astonishing 35%.


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