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June 3, 2019. Investors were fleeing TO the safety of gold and Treasuries last week. And stocks are in a downtrend. Yes we may see a temporary bounce up this week, but long-term it appears the downtrend is favored…..remember that the markets are now trading based on Trump’s tweets so he will determine future trading,

We are seeing more and more articles about a possible recession next year. We ARE looking at the numerous ‘junky lower rated’ Individual Corporate Bonds held in the Core Portfolio, for POSSIBLE SALES. A bad recession could be bad news for these holdings. We have had very good success in corporates over the last ten years, but we have also wanted to reduce the huge number of bonds that we have been holding.

We received numerous dividends on Friday. Income is the purpose of this blog. As we are in retirement we do not trade stocks, instead holding income producing holdings like baby bonds, REITs and BDCs: these are typically more stable than stocks, but DO move in sympathy with stocks. So the Core Portfolio saw declines last week.

Bottom Line: As of today, we are still holding all positions. But as mentioned we are evaluating possible sales of selected bonds.


HAHA LOL Ultra liberal out of control Maddow (MSNBC) ratings continue to collapse: Down 21% since January—that is 21% in only five months!!!!!!!. CNN continues slide into ditch firing 300 employees. People are FINALLY starting to realize these left wing Trump hating socialists are full of it.



When we first started working in the ‘corporate world’ decades ago, we remember having meetings with a huge ashtray in the middle of the table, and everybody puffing their Marlboros. The room was thick with cigarette smoke and the clothes would reek. Who would have ever imagined smoking rates have now dropped to 16%. Truly amazing.

Infographic: U.S. Smoking Rate Falls To Record Low | Statista


Optimism over the economy has boosted President Trump’s approval rating to the highest it has been in two years, according to a newly released Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey.

Overall, the survey, which was originally reported by the Hill, found that 48 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing, while 52 percent said they disapprove. Trump’s approval is up three percentage points since March, when 45 percent said they approved.

The last Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll that placed a 48 percent approval rating with Trump was in June of 2017.

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