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June 28, 2019. The whack job liberals want to pay illegal’s healthcare, and take away private insurance. Wow guess they want to lose in 2020. Amazing. Markets very flat this week in front of meeting with China. We doubt there will be any agreement. Happy to see lots of dividends coming in today at the […]


June 26, 2019. On June 20, we said we were going to hold a BUY LIMIT order for THQ at $17.50. It had spiked up after it was mentioned and we decided the price was just too high. But today the order filled. Frankly we had forgotten about this order. We typically do NOT place […]


June 24, 2019. We hold CGBD in the Core Portfolio and have suggested ‘buys’ on several occasions in the past. Today we are seeing yet another positive article on this holding. CGBD pays 9.6% and the momentum indicators are positive. BUY or add to current positions. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE. TCG BDC’s 9.6% dividend yield […]

BUY ACAXP-buy today

June 21, 2019. Annally Capital (NYSE:NLY) has priced a new issue of fixed-to-floating rate preferred. We love new issues, especially when we can buy below par. The price right now is $24.75 Pays 6.75% and will change to floating rate in 2024 and will float with a rate of 4.989% plus 3 month Libor. The […]


Update: THQ spiked up to $17.80 and we are not buying. Holding a Limit Order at $17.50 June 20, 2019. Today we are buying Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund (THQ) a closed end fund paying 7.66%. THQ should open around $17.50 but with the market indicating +230 points today, the price will probably go up forcing […]


June 13, 2019. Yesterday we talked about NYMTO, and we did buy. Today we saw an article about CGBD which is a holding in the Core Portfolio. We bought this two years ago, and it is paying just under ten percent. You can buy or ADD to the current holding……remember: but up to no more […]


June 12, 2019. We are up to our knees in Presidential campaign bullshit already. Now sleepy Biden, who looks like death warmed over, is promising he will cure cancer!!!!. In addition, he keeps flip-flopping on his previous positions desperately trying to get into the “right-side” of current Democratic thinking. The bat shit crazy liberal Presidential […]