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May 3, 2019. The Democrats/far left crowd are going over the ledge. They have been trying for years to remove THE Donald. Not achieving that, they are now going after AG Barr.

We are going to a circus on Sunday, probably no elephants 😦 , and it reminds us that the political situation in this country has turned into a circus. It is fun to watch, nothing more. You can’t really take any of this garbage seriously. (We are told there are indictments coming next week for the criminals that started this whole Mueller investigation.) Here is an article we saw this morning:

Here’s a conundrum for you. Would it be possible for citizens of the strongest, wealthiest, and freest country in the world to have stress levels higher than those of the most brutally oppressive nations in existence?

The next question would be: “How could this be?” After all, America’s capitalist society has produced many benefits for its residents and the rest of the world. What could possibly have Americans so worried? There are many likely culprits, but one of the key contributing factors is the country’s media establishment, which has peddled in fear and outrage since its inception. So, is the media driving Americans insane?



We bought IRM this week and it is actually DOWN 3% since purchase. So this is not good and it appears further declines are possible. BUT if you did not buy, you should wait a few days and you can probably get IRM at lower bargain prices. This is a long term hold and we suggest you own.


Sometimes we see statistics that are shocking and almost unbelievable:

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, more than 60 million children have been murdered by abortionists in America. Future generations will not look back on this time in history with fond memories. Instead, they will look back with horror at a generation that committed evil on an unprecedented scale.



How long before the people revolt? Yeah it is starting.

Research by Bloomberg, the AFL-CIO and others has calculated a more than 1,000% increase since 1950 in the CEO/average worker pay ratio. In the ’50s, a typical CEO earned about 20 times the paycheck of the company’s average worker. Last year, the pay ratio for CEOs at firms listed on the S&P 500 was about 361 times that of the average daily worker, according to the AFL-CIO. The big gains over that time have largely been driven by the steady growth of the equities market since the 1980s, as stock compensation has become a more common component of CEO paychecks.

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