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UPDATE: We just noticed that IRM took a dump yesterday. We have been trying to buy this thing for months. Pending how prices proceed we will be buyers……more info to come.

April 26, 2019. Back on April 8 we said this:

The all-time high, hit back in September, typically acts like a magnet, and investors tend to gravitate toward the all time high. We have seen this time and again over the years. They want to ring that bell.

And in fact, they DID “ring the bell” this week. And the markets are now relatively quiet. (altho the DOW dropped yesterday primarily due to 3M) A lot of the so=called financial gurus are talking about a recession next year, or the year after. As we have learned over the years, nobody has a crystal ball, including ours, which is broken.

We are not doing much, except looking for bargains…and collecting dividends. But sure as hell, that recession will come and we will be out.

We are watching TRGP for a possible buy if it gets back down to $39.00.

We hold GSBD in the Core Portfolio. It is always nice to see a positive discussion on one of our holdings: link below. If you do not own, it would be ok to buy now. Pays almost 9%

Part of these portfolio modifications was increasing exposure to Golub Capital BDC (GBDC) and Goldman Sachs BDC (GSBD) while decreasing it from Gladstone Investment Corp. and Monroe Capital Corporation. It’s important to know when to allocate toward riskier players in a market (e.g. Q4 2018) and when to do the opposite.



We saw a STUNNING statement this week from, who else, Hillary. (our favortie bitch)

She is telling the Dems to impeach Trump. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Here we have probably one of the most corrupt politicians in American history talking about the Donald. This is one of the most amazing comments we have seen this year. Talk about no self awareness. Have you noticed that Bill (who was impeached) is nowhere to be found.

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