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April 17, 2019. We recently sold LMRK at a very nice profit. Now, we are placing a BUY LIMIT order for LMRKO which is one of their PREFERRED stocks.

It closed at $25.05 yesterday and we will attempt to buy around that price today. It pays just under 8% and will be paying around 48 cents at the end of April.

BUSINESS:  Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP is a growth-oriented real estate and infrastructure company formed by Landmark Dividend LLC to acquire, own and manage a portfolio of real property interests and infrastructure assets that it leases to companies in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising and renewable power generation industries.

NETFLIX. Netflix has so many good movies and series that we could never tell you about all of them here. BUT, MONEY HEIST is really incredible. This is far beyond the standard bank robbery flick that you would normally see. With around 20 episodes, this is one of the best series that we have seen on Netflix. Strongly recommended.

Hillary got killed on calling conservatives “deplorables’. Now Howard Stern on Sirius is calling them “imbeciles” because they call The New York Times fake news.

We were getting the Sunday Times before the last Presidential election and we can tell you the ‘news’ portion of the times is pure radical left liberalism. Everyone knows this.

We love the REST of the Times including the magazine. But we stopped subscribing due to the politics and because the damn thing always arrived very late. Who wants to read the paper when it arrives at noon???

So fuck you Howard Stern. We don’t need to listen to your narcissistic self absorbed New York radical liberal views…….it was nice knowin u.

AND speaking of The New York Times, we have written before about their FRAUDULENT Best-Sellers List. Go to link below for full story.

Obama Adviser’s Book Is Ranked 1,030 On Amazon. How Did It Make NYT’s Best Seller List?


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  1. You are more than right about the NYT. It has been incredibly biased for decades. I used to read the NYT book review, but it has become so politically left and PC that I have given up. Very often reviewers would take a shot at Trump even if little or no connection to the subject at hand.

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