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April 15, 2019. Significant snow in Chicago in mid-April. How weird.

New Readers: We invest primarily in individual bonds, term bond funds, with a smattering of BDCs, REITs and CEFs. Never, never buy annuities and non=traded REITs which are unmitigated rip-offs.


NOTE TO NEW READERS:  Before you buy anything we discuss here, GO to the Core Portfolio tab to see a CURRENT listing of holdings. This blog is designed for investors seeking income. We buy long term holds and try to AVOID trading.

Keep scrolling down for more.

Go Here For “About and Links”—new pic posted.

We like to buy “on sale”.

RILYZ a Core Portfolio position took a hit on Friday after paying a huge 46 cent dividend. It closed at $24.76 on Friday and is a BUY. This thing is on sale and you can add or buy as a new position. Paying a very nice 7.57% today. Matures in 2027, a ‘term’ bond.

You can buy up to $25.00 but try to get RILYZ at a lower price.

B. Riley Financial, Inc. (“RILY”), is a publicly traded financial services company headquartered. Initially formed as an institutional brokerage firm, the company has expaned into investment banking, investment management and other financial services.

This is a good long term HOLD.

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