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March 13, 2019. We have not played much attention to LANDMARK until recently. But with a yield over 10% (!!) we felt it was time to take a look. Anytime you are getting huge dividends, you immediately think increased risk. But when you look into the business model, your concerns are reduced.

Landmark owns land that it rents to tower companies (those cell towers you see on every corner,) billboard operators, and solar companies. It operates as an MLP but is going to convert to a REIT which is a good thing, and it is converting to internal management, which is good.

Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP acquires, owns, and manages a portfolio of real property interests and infrastructure assets in the United States. The company leases its real property interests and infrastructure assets to companies operating in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising, and renewable power generation industries. It also owns various interests in receivables associated with related assets. Landmark Infrastructure Partners GP LLC serves as the general partner of the company. Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP was founded in 2014 and is based in El Segundo, California.

BUY LMRK at $14.21

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