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March 4, 2019. As an investor, you have to check three indices to get an overview of the markets: SPY, IWM, and XLF. Even after two months of advances from the December low, the momentum in all three are still UP.

After substantial increases in the Core Portfolio, there are very few positions that are ‘on sale’. But there are a few Corporate Bonds which are buys.

We have talked about Iron Mountain on numerous occasions. It seems like every week, we read several positive articles which talk about how this is a great Company.

CUSIP. 46284PAP9 paying 5.75%, maturing in 2024. BUY

Delek Logistics Partners DKL has a Corporate on sale at $975. This is a midstream Master Limited Partnership which essentially means pipelines and storage facilities,

CUSIP. 24665FAB8 paying 6.75% maturing in 2025. BUY


Last year we noticed a website, stockinvest.us, and placed it in our ‘favorites’ list for review and then promptly forgot about it. We recently started looking at this site again and have been finding it helpful. Essentially it gives you extensive technical information on stocks.

Listed below are the ‘headers’ that you can select, so you get rather detailed information on each stock. Pasted below is a description from their site.

StockInvest.us is fully owned by “Exigam”, a Vilnius, Lithuania based IT company that was founded in 2016. Every day we analyse more than 5’000 companies that have traded in the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange, with which we are providing in-depth analysis and clear recommendations based on our calculated technical signals.

Our goal is to give the common investor a user-friendly tool in the decision-making process when to buy and sell shares. Our insights are exceptionally deep, self-explanatory, but at the same time – based on broad calculations, which makes them reliable and easy to understand for any user ranging from stock trading newcomer to a professional trader.


NYC Implemented Minimum Wage Hike For Fast Food Workers. Now They’re Looking For Jobs.

Greatest plunge in restaurant jobs in roughly 20 years

Link to full article.

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