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March 29, 2019. When you are in this investing racket full time, as we are, you tend to spend time in the financial chat rooms. One topic that keeps coming up is the risk of over-weighting individual positions. Yesterday we were reading about someone who had a large position in a Company that was imploding. […]


March 27, 2019. We have recently been selling Core Portfolio positions as they have appreciated, and we wanted to lock in profits. But there is now a larger cash position than wanted. As the markets have been crawling higher, potential buys that are ‘on sale’, which we prefer, are almost non-existent. Tuesday morning, it appeared […]


UPDATE; We may have an opportunity to buy NEWT on sale. Watch for details. March 25, 2019. We have a nice 15% gain in the Revlon Corporate Bond due to increased price and dividend payments. BUT, they “missed on revenue” recently, AND… Revlon Inc. shares tumbled 6.9% on Tuesday, after the cosmetics company said it […]


March 22, 2019. It is becoming apparent that interest rates will continue downward. And in fact, traders are now expecting a cut by next year: exactly opposite of what we have been anticipating. We are selling this floating rate Corporate Bond today, and may be selling other positions in the Core Portfolio. We strongly recommend […]


March 21, 2019. We bought LMRK on March 13, about a week ago. This position is UP a stunning 14% an amazing gain in a short period of time. Altho the momentum is still positive, we are SELLING and locking down profits. We never expected this type of action, but it is our policy to […]


March, 20, 2019, If you had owned ONLY stocks, the SPY which is the top 500 stocks, over the last 15 months, you would have a Total Return of 1%. That’s right, one percent. If you owned our dividend paying Core Portfolio, you would be up around 5-6 percent. Quite a difference. __________ It is […]


March 18, 2019. Back in early February, we suggested you buy a small position in SMHB, a super risky ETN that gives you (as of today) a 16% yield. (We have received 2 dividend payments so far.) We are ADDING to this holding, altho not a lot. Due to the risk, keep the allocation small. […]