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February 28, 2019. We saw an article about NGB Energy Partners NGL-B this morning, a holding in the Core Portfolio. It pays over 9% and is still a BUY. It is priced BELOW what we paid over a year ago and we suggest you buy it here if you don’t already own it, or maybe add to your position. Here is a link to the full article:



BOOKS: IN THE CLOSET OF THE VATICAN, a huge 550 page monstrosity, is quite the shocker. Everyone has read about the child abuse in the Catholic church. But this tome goes into extensive detail about all the other ‘activities’ of the priest’s including use of prostitutes which is evidently quite well known. The author is very wordy and this thing is hard to read, but it is really astounding that Catholics continue to support this institution.



The report said the total number of pay-TV subscribers dropped 4.1% from the prior year, the highest rate of decline since 2010. Approximately 985,000 more customers cut cable or satellite in the quarter than signed up for a new service.

The drop did not surprise Craig Moffett, the Founding Partner at MoffettNathanson LLC., who said “the satellite operators are dead men walking has been obvious to all for some time, and the cable operators, while actually not doing all that badly in video, have made clear that they increasingly view their core business to be broadband, not video,” adding that “it may not be an overstatement to say that the pay-TV business as we know it is beginning to unravel.”

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