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January 18, 2019. JPS Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund is a closed end fund and is selling at a discount.  In the investing game, you always want to buy stuff when it’s on sale.

This thing has tanked and is currently priced at $8.69.  When you look at the technical indicators, it looks like JPS is starting to turn UP.  This is when you want to buy positions.

It is not unusual that closed end funds will sell at a price below (or above) the value of the assets. (discount to NAV)  JPS is at a rather large 9% discount to NAV, and pays 8%.

The high yields that we are seeing today are unlikely to last. JPS is one of the higher quality preferred stock CEFs and will provide investors the opportunity to lock in higher yields for a long period of time because of the longer duration of the portfolio. The good news is that JPS has pulled back following the recent market correction and the price has not fully recovered – still it offers income investors the opportunity to lock in a nice generous yield of 8.0%.

Link for a very detailed article on JPS.


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