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January 9, 2018 If you are a buy and hold investor in the SPY, you would just now BE BREAKING EVEN from a year ago. SPY went up, down, and is now almost even vs last year. What a waste!!! We prefer to invest in dividend paying positions which have given us very nice income over the last year.

AWF took a dive recently, down to $10.16. It has now recovered trading right now at $11.05. This 7.5% payer is still a BUY today. If you are looking to invest right now, AWF is a good pick.



Image result for sears catalog picture

We grew up with JCP and Sears in our very little rural town. Penny’s had a store and Sears had a storefront where they shipped in stuff. Who will ever forget the days when the Sears hundred pound catalog would show up in the mail. Well, the day of Sears demise has finally come (altho they are making a last ditch effort today to save the Company) and Penny’s will go under soon. Who woulda thought. Will we miss you? Nah. We have Amazon now.



Bezos revealed during a tweet on Wednesday that after a trial separation, he and his wife MacKenzie would be seeking a divorce – though he insisted that the two would “remain friends.” The two recently launched a charitable organization to help the homeless and specifically homeless children.



The Macron’s popularity is in free fall; it has dropped to 18%. No French president’s popularity has dropped so low, so quickly. Flore Santisteban, a professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, quoted surveys showing that Macron now crystallizes “an intense hatred, and maybe more than hatred: rage”.

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