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January 7, 2019. We own UNIT Corporate Bonds in the Core Portfolio. The bonds have shown significant declines since we bought, and they are ON SALE, now giving you a 10% yield.

CUSIP: 909218AB5


IHIT has been extremely stable over the last three months and is a BUY.

GBAB has actually increased in value and is a BUY in your IRA account.


As you probably know, the stock market went thru the roof on Friday. There were huge ‘short’ bets and those people would have been badly hurt if they didn’t get out of the positions. (Shorting stocks and using inverse funds can be extremely dangerous, as we learned from experience many years ago….lol. You can really get hurt, especially during market turmoil.) If you are a stock investor, you should be primarily in cash waiting for buy signals.

It does look like the stock market is in a bottoming process, especially after the Fed cheered up everyone with their comments, and Trump keeps telling us everything will be ok with China. Yeah, we will believe it when we see it. 

We are NOT stock traders. In our Core Portfolio, we own individual term bonds, BDCs, CEFs and REITs for the most part, and remain fully invested.


Apple ‘crashed’ last week. We hear that Warren Buffett (Berkshire, the oracle of Omaha) owns $40 Billion in Apple shares, which is 21% of his portfolio……WOW. And YOU think you have problems. Warren just lost a huge chunk of change.  Can you imagine having forty BILLION dollars in ONE stock!!!! 


NOTE TO NEW READERS:  Before you buy anything we discuss here, GO to the Core Portfolio tab to see a CURRENT listing of holdings. This blog is designed for investors seeking income.

Obama and Hill have both called for building a wall in the past. But the dem’s hatred toward Trump is so intense that they will never approve paying for it. Read this article:



Pocahontas has NO chance.

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