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Update: We are watching ABR for a possible buy next week. This is a REIT which is on sale, but we have to wait for the technicals to give us a better signal.

January 3, 2019. We follow numerous advisors who have good records in the markets. Some follow primarily stocks and they are out of stocks, expecting a bear market.

Some focus on stocks and bonds, and they are out of both stocks and bonds.

Some focus on term bonds, the same as our Core Portfolio. They recommend holding all positions.

With forecasts all over the map, what to do? We continue holding all positions, not selling anything.

CGBD is on sale and a BUY right now.


MOVIES. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. GREEN BOOK. Probably one of the best of the year. It is based on a true story about a concert pianist, but the relatives say that the director took liberties with the truth. In any case, go see this film.

If you have Netflix, the series Bloodline is an excellent show full of twists and turns.  It is rather long with three seasons, but well worth it.


Wow this is stunning stuff. Read the full article below talking about the corrupt New York Times.

A former New York Times executive editor has slammed her former employer for being “unmistakably anti-Trump,” while invoking Steve Bannon’s claim that the mainstream media has become the “opposition party” united against the president, according to Fox News.


  • According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted after the shutdown began, 47% of adults believe Trump is responsible for the partial shutdown (now in its 7th day), while 33% blame Democrats in Congress. Meanwhile, 7% blamed Republicans in Congress.

Has that actually hurt Trump? Nope: the latest betting odds out of PredictIt, an online betting site, have traders pricing in roughly 2:1 that Trump prevails over either Biden or Beto in 2020, with odds rising to 3:1 if Trump is competing against Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders.

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