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January 30, 2019. Monroe Capital Baby Bonds MRCCL hit a low $23.41 back in December. Of course this would have been the best time to buy, IF you had the guts when the markets were looking terrible. Even at that, MRCCL is still on sale, now listing at $24.56 paying just under 6%. Matures Oct […]


January 28, 2019. The market has been heading higher for 4 weeks. On January 14, we mentioned that a retest was possible (heading back to the December lows) and that you should not be surprised if we see a decline. Well, that has NOT happened yet….but historically we COULD see some downward action up to […]


January 25, 2019. It is 12 degrees BELOW zero here in Chicago, as we enter the historically two coldest weeks of the year. Florida is looking better all the time. Linked below is an article talking about UTF, a holding in the Core Portfolio…..which we bought two years ago.  Pays 8.3% Even though UTF is an infrastructure fund that has significant holdings […]


January 22, 2019. We bought IRM in October and it is already UP 13%. IRM oscillates up and down, and is setting up for the decline phase back down to $30. We will most likely BUY again when it hits the lows in anticipation of quick profits again. SELL IRM and take your profits ASAP […]


January 18, 2019. JPS Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund is a closed end fund and is selling at a discount.  In the investing game, you always want to buy stuff when it’s on sale. This thing has tanked and is currently priced at $8.69.  When you look at the technical indicators, it looks like JPS […]


January 17, 2019. As mentioned on January 3 we were watching ABR for a potential buy. It spiked up and we were too late to the party. So there was no buy here. We also mentioned that Altria looked promising as they had purchased the marijuana and e-cig Companies. BUT MO has continued it’s DOWNWARD […]


January 14, 2019. The market has been rising and everyone is celebrating. We are off and running. Before you get too positive, keep in mind that it is typical to re-test the LOWS after a sharp decline in the markets. Right now, it is more likely that we will see another decline……heading to the recent […]