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December 17, 2018.  Everyone (or at least those interested in the financial markets) are watching to see what the Fed says in their upcoming meeting this week.  We have to think they will try and present a ‘very favorable’ spin….but still hike rates.  No Fed Chair wants to be responsible for a recession!!!

The other major issue is the China tariff situation.  There are indications that China wants to cooperate with Trump.  Depending on whether you listen to FOX or those ‘others’, the tariff wars are not as dire as presented in fake news.  We shall see.

And more news that people are really scared:  Investors ARE running for the exits.  We read that $46 Billion has been pulled from markets in the last week, the largest in history.

So, is this a really bad correction, or the slide into a bear market??.  If the Fed gives us positive statements, and China cooperates, (we DO expect both) the market may start trending upward.


(We already knew this.)…..People like their porn LOLOL.  Amazing Stats.  Link to full article below.

It is not surprising whatsoever that millions of people have a pornography addiction. To be more specific: There are over 125 million daily visits to Pornhub sites, according to Pornhub’s research and analysis blog, Pornhub Insights

full article


NETFLIX UPDATE:  Bodyguard is one of the best series on Netflix.  This think moves so fast, you really have to pay attention.  It is about the murder of a politician in Britain, and the war veteran that becomes her bodyguard.  Netfix has been heavily promoting ROMA, their new offering.  Roma is boring and certainly NOT worth your time.

MOVIES:  Deadpool2.  Probably the worst movie of all time.  Stay away. 


The conservative Weekly Standard closes.  The co founder William Kristol was a real A-hole and they got what they deserved.

A key member of the “Never Trump” conservative media universe will soon be nevermore: The Weekly Standard is shutting down.

full article

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